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31/8/99 Pictures & Review from UK Expo!

Martin Unsworth has sent in these excellent pics from Sunday's UK KISS expo. These can be found in amongst Allycat's cool review of the day. Tonnes of thanks to both Ally & Martin!
<<Click here to see the review & pics>>

Dressed To Kill gig cancelled

Gary Banton the blood drooling 'Gene' from DTK (see pictures above!) has written to say that the Saturday 18th Sept gig at Chelmsford Army & Navy has been cancelled. The Halloween show on Saturday 30th Oct is still going ahead though. Please note that the Dressed To Kill page has also been updated with current info.

30/8/99 UK Expo '99

Looks like this years expo was a huge success, I've heard loads of good stories about it (I wasn't able to make it this year). I'll have a review & pics on the site soon courtesy of The Allycat herself. Also look out for the winners of the Eric Carr compo tomorrow (a few days late, sorry!).

24/8/99 WCWWCW

Last night KISS performed God Of Thunder before the unveiling of the new Demon wrestler (see picture). There have been mixed responses about their performance mainly due to it being lip synched like the superbowl appearance. But apparently they had no soundcheck which probably didn't help. I've also heard reports that Ace looked on top form and well on his way to being back in shape! Unfortunately the KISS performance was right near the end of the program, so you've got a lot of wrestling to watch on Friday first, unless you download the following video clip from WCW!
<<Click here to download God Of Thunder from the WCW site (11MB)>>

Paul back in Phantom!

Seeing as there is little going on in the KISS world between now and the end of the year Paul has decided to go back to Phantom! He'll be there for another 40 shows from 28th Sep to 31st Oct which is apparently due to his performances being such a success (the show was due to close in September).

23/8/99 Dressed To Kill / Bushweasel Halloween GigDTK

Cathy Lane has sent me in some more details about this years Dressed To Kill / Bushweasel halloween gig. Look out for the other 3 flyers later this week!

Bushweasel were formed in 1997 by two Beastie Boys fans and a KISS fan. A huge KISS fan. Most of the guitar parts on their debut album ‘Think Yer Funny? were influenced by the colossal riffs of Ace Frehley, adapting small parts from songs such as God Of Thunder and Firehouse into their own songs. Sometimes they just nick a whole riff!

Put all this with two Rap vocalists, a full band and samples galore and your looking at a band with one thing in mind: ROCK N’ ROLL. A highlight of theirs was supporting Dressed To Kill at The Standard in Walthamstow in ’98, and they’re doing it again this year. The band used an intro at their early gigs which featured a sample from The Jack Doherty Show of Paul Stanley saying "We’re first and foremost a Rock n’ Roll band, we believe in entertainment".

If YOU do, then get along to see Dressed To Kill and Bushweasel at:
THE STANDARD MUSIC VENUE (opp. Blackhorse Rd tube, Victoria line)
E17 6DS



Four different ‘solo album’ style flyers (with a Halloween twist) are available. For more details and flyers E-mail Bushweasel H.Q. at:

New site for Gene's 50th!

From:Robert Hofman, KISS Kollector Online
As you will problably know, Gene Simmons is turning 50 this wednesday, the 25th of August. And as you may or may not know, KISS Kollector Online is celebrating this with a special web site called 'GENE50' at:

This web site will contain many contributions from fans, in the form of personal pictures and birthday wishes for Gene. We will keep updating 'GENE50' all week, at least until the 31st of August.

22/8/99 KISS on UK TV

Don't forget that KISS will be on TV this week as they launch the new KISS WCW wrestler. As far as I know they will be performing a couple of songs as part of the show, so don't forget to set your videos! You can catch this Friday (27th August) at:-

9:00-11:35pm WCW Nitro on TNT

And if you don't have satellite there may be highlights here:-
Channel 5
7-8pm WCW Worldwide

21/8/99 More on Clownwhite 2

It may be late by a few days but we think it's well worth it!

On the press this very moment, the new 'CLOWNWHITE' magazine (shipped Friday, August 27th) is gonna knock you well and truly 'off yer feet'. The Autumn issue contains a scintillating exclusive cover story on Ace Frehley. Fans of the spaceman WILL NOT want to miss this great feature illustrated with some truly AWESOME photo's. There's also a McFarlane Competition (win loads of signed goodies), an interview with Angel Medina containing never before printed sketches from this talented artist, a fantastic report and stunning visuals from 'Phantom', plus the second part of our Kenny Kerner interview. We also treat you to an exclusive look behind the scenes at Third Law Interactive - want to know how they make a Kiss computer game? We'll show you! Rounding things off with Kiss news, views and album reviews, this issue is an absolute KILLER!
We dare you to miss it...
<<Click here to visit the Clownwhite page!>>

19/8/99 Big Breakfast

Yesterdays edition of the Big Breakfast featured a clip of Detroit Rock City followed by a (very) quick interview with Gene & Peter. It was on the 8:45 edition of the Sizzler, which probably meant most people missed the bloody thing. Thanks to Martin Wombwell for the info!

Unfortunately DRC isn't doing too well in it's opening week in the US (only took $2 million), I hope this doesn't stop it's release internationally. So far I've heard from loads of people over here (non-KISS fans) who have seen the trailer and think it looks great. Look out for an exclusive feature about the film coming soon...


From:Martin Clay
There is a small article and picture in the latest Kerrang showing KISS at the premier of DRC, with the text being as unflattering about them as usual.

15/8/99 KISS Winamp Skinswinampace.jpg (7123 bytes)

If you use Winamp (a good program for playing MP3 files) then you might be interested in giving it a cool facelift. These 4 skins have been created by Jeff Piurek who informs me that he'll have some newer versions out very soon that will be even better.
<<Click here to download the files>>

winampgenes.jpg (4213 bytes)winamppauls.jpg (4208 bytes)winamppeters.jpg (4543 bytes)

DRC at MTV have some Detroit rock city news worth checking out - it includes a short RealVideo clip of the band from the films premiere last week in LA. Nothing special but worth looking at if you're wondering what the foursome have been up to recently.
<<Click here to view the RealVideo>>

<<Click here to read the article at>>

BuckCherry Gig

From:Steve Cox
BuckCherry will be playing at Rock City, Nottingham, on Wed 18th Aug.

10/8/99 DRC Soundtrack

If you're having difficulties finding this in the shops then you can now order it from the KISSin' UK Online Shop! It costs 11.47 + P&P, look out for the full review this week.

Prices of all other items in the shop have also been reduced.

9/8/99 More Expo Info

Sorry about the lack of updates - I've been in Blackpool with some mates for a long weekend. Anyway, I've just received some more info on this years KISS expo (that's taking place on the 29th) from Chris Hatton:-

Chris has said to point out that he needs as many people as possible to buy their tickets in advance to save hassle on the door. Full details are available from Chris on 0121 532 3359 or by clicking here.

Prophecy Track List

From:Ralph Carle
As many of you already know, Ralph Edward Carle's tribute to Eric Carr,"PROPHECY", will be released on Sept. 26th, with the premier being held at the 1999 New England KISS Expo. The CD opens with a very rare radio ID that Eric recorded shortly before his passing, as well as a digitally remastered version of "Your Turn To Cry", performed by Eric himself!!!! Also appearing on "PROPHECY", is Karl Cochran, formerly of the Ace Frehley Band, and currently playing with Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, and John Corabi as ESP! Karl supplies the killer guitar and bass tracks on the opening tune, "Not Dead Yet". The song list for "PROPHECY" is as follows:
1. Not Dead Yet (Featuring Karl Cochran)
2. Imaginary Friends
3. Your Turn To Cry (Ralph E. Carle's version)
4. Prophecy
5. Never Say I Love You Again
6. Green Monster '91
7. She Loves Me
8. So Much More
9. Your Turn to Cry (Eric Carr Version)

There will also be a special bonus track to be announced at the release!!!
<<Click here for more details!>>

Message From Parasite

Carl, the drummer in UK tribute band Parasite has E-mailed me this message to let us know that Parasite are still alive and well!
"Could you please tell all kiss fans and friends of PARASITE that we are still together and are in mid process of putting our  BIGGEST LOUDEST  AND WILDEST SHOW TOGETHER.(it also may mean the return of the fox to the show?)."

Detroit Rock City Info

From:Sean Cowie, Canada
I just finished watching the DRC special on Much Music ( and it was a cool, behind-the-scenes look at
the movie, the actors and the production. We also saw some live footage of the band performing in Toronto for inclusion in the film, as well as some scenes of the Millennium shoot from last fall here in Vancouver. There were lots of fan testimonials and the usual spin from the band. Also featured were some interviews with the actors, DRC director Adam Rifkin, producer Barry Levine, KISS manager Doc McGhee, Shannon Tweed and the band. Shannon Tweed (looking stunning as always) describes the KISS phenomenon as something she never understood. Lots of fans used as extras show off their outfits, makeup and tattoos. Paul likens the film to a cross between The Wizard of Oz and Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Gene revealed that initially, 2 productions were in the works: one involving the band who wanted to do a motion picture, and another by a separate group of people who wanted to do a TV movie-of-the-week. When both were conflicting, they decided to join forces and make the film. Both Gene and Rifkin are quoted as saying that everyone involved in making the   movie are KISS fans and it is a movie about the fans for the fans by the fans. Producer Barry Levine wouldn't divulge much other than the basic plot that we already know but he did say the final scene will be the band performing Detroit Rock City live. Levine, the photographer behind The KISS Years book and collaborator with the band since 1976, reveals his relationship with the band over the years. He also mentions that he and the band had been trying for 10 years to get a KISS film off the ground. He said that the band's original idea was something of a sci-fi adventure film but he found the script for the DRC movie and presented it to Gene back in '96 during the Reunion Tour. After the tour was finished, some re-writes were done and the film was born. Overall, this was an interesting half-hour that gave some insight into the making of Detroit Rock City.

By the way, the DRC Soundtrack should be available in the shops now (although you'll more than likely need to order it) and the official Detroit Rock City site can be found at

New Award!New Award!

Finally today I'm pleased to have received my first UK award for the site! This one has come from UK Submit who can be found at

4/8/99 New KISS Psychos Site!

I'm pleased to announce the start of a brand new KISS Psychos site on the internet - The site is very much in it's early stagePsychoss but as time goes on Dave Nicholds will be contributing more material, possibly with articles from the fanzine itself. Keep your eyes open for future developments, in the mean time have a look at the design so far and give me some feedback!
<<Click here to visit!>>

KISS Dynamic Imaging (er, what?)Kinetik

"Capture some of the greatest moments in the palm of your hand with this latest official KISS merchandise collection". Or kinetik2.jpg (9414 bytes)so the website for this new official KISS gear says, they've just released a whole load of merchandise that can have up to 150 frames of animation on them - including key chains, collector cards, a tour card and framed pictures. The key chains look cool - they show the morphing solo album faces when you tilt them back and forward. Okay, so there's a tonne of new KISS gear out there what's so special about this? Well it's made in the UK for a start! Unfortunately itkinetik3.jpg (9076 bytes) looks like Kinetik are pushing towards the US market though as all the prices on the UK based site are in dollars, I've ordered a morphing KISS faces key chain, I'll let you know how cool (or tacky) it is when I get it.
Check it out for yourself at Kinetik's KISS website.

Spin city

The August issue of US magazine Spin not only has the KISS 'Got Milk?' advert but also a 1 page (short) interview with James DeBello from Detroit Rock City. It's on sale in WH Smiths right now.

Competition Reminder

If you haven't done so already then don't forget to enter the Prophecy competition, Ralph has said that if there are a large number of entries more prizes will be donated, can't say faired than that!
<<Click here to enter the competition!!!>>

1/8/99 KISS 2000 Calendar2000 Calendar

The unofficial year 2000 calendar is out already, but as of yet the official one hasn't made it into the shops. It's got a good mix of old & new make-up pictures but yet again there's no sign of any other KISS eras. I managed to pick up a copy from Another World who have a few stores around the country.

The calendar is produced in England by Oliver Books and can be obtained by contacting them at the address found below:-

Oliver Books
Unit 16-18
Wimbledon Stadium -
Business Centre
Riverside Road
London SW17 OBA

Tel. 0181 879 3949
Fax. 0181 879 0792

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