"Seven years after they captivated audiences up and down the UK with their visual
reproduction of rock legend's KISS, PARASITE are to reform for a series of special one off shows.

Gone is the make up, costumes and stack heels. The norm as per every other KISS tribute act. Replacing the obvious with a fresh approach, PARASITE have opted for the power, magnitude and full on, in your face attitude of the Revenge/Alive III era.
Encompassing the huge back catalogue of KISS material with songs from the non make up 80's and early 90's.
Those songs you wanted to hear ... but never thought you would !!"

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 Trev (Ace in Dressed To Kill) managed to meet a few people at a train station in Japan the other day:-

Imagine my surprise as I was stood on a soggy railway platform this morning at Nagoya with even soggier luggage and looked round to find myself standing next to... Gene Simmons..... and Paul Stanley..... and Eric Singer.... and Tommy Thayer.... in fact... errrrr KISS!!!!!! The band were on the same platform with Doc et al waiting for the Nozumi Bullet train to Fukuoka. After I stopped gawping like a 12 year old I managed to go and say hello and get some autographs. Gene was a real gent and of course I had to drop DTK's name re Rockschool and the Expo with Eric. The band all looked great without make up & up close, sorry I didn't ask about a UK tour, or Paul's solo album, or a million and one other things I thought of afterwards, although I did manage to impress Gene with my (very few) words of Japanese.

Anyway here's a piccy of Gene with me trying to look vaquely rock and roll and failing at 10am- at least I remembered to dump the pac-a-mac!

Ok here it is from a very tired but very happy KISS fan in Fukuoka.

20th July Fukuoka Kokusai Centre

A much smaller venue than Nayoga, probably half the size and yet attendance was still at best 50%, disappointing but it didn't seem to adversely affect the band's mood as they were in a real party mode, joking around and having fun. The technical glitches of the first night seemed to have been straightened out too so it made for a smoother show.

Here's the set list, this get's a bit complicated as the band were in a 'playful' mood, to make it simpler I've marked partial versions (1 or 2 verses with a * and unaccompanied renditions with **)

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Bruce Kulick Video Interview with
Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad, KISS, Union) sat down to discuss his current projects, which include the wide distribution release of Union Do Your Own Thing Live! the guitar instructional DVD KISS Forever as well as a soon to be released KISS compilation DVD primarily focused on the period when Bruce was with KISS. Bruce also offers advice for aspiring guitar players.


Music Star Productions has just released the first piece of Officially licensed Eric Carr
Memorial Collectibles. In conjunction with Loretta Caravello (Eric's Sister) a limited edition pressing of Eric Carr memorial mouse pads has just been released.  In the coming months, Music Star Productions will be releasing many more exciting products that pay tribute to one of rocks most beloved drummers

Music Star Productions will also donate 50% of the proceeds of all sales of the KISS Forever DVD on during the month of July & August to the Eric Carr Memorial Fund. Eric Carr's family would like to see donations are given directly to those in need, therefore These funds will be allocated to ensure that all monies collected will ensue that wishes are granted to children at various hospitals.


 I'm not sure if you've ever heard of me, but my name is C.C. Banana and I interview rock & roll bands (among other things). I often do my work in association with the Metal Sludge website though I do work on my own as well. Either way, my banana shenanigans are usually irreverent, funny and delicious. Anyhoo...

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Trev (Ace in Dressed To Kill) has just posted this report on our forum:-

In true foreign correspondant fashion I'm back at the hotel filing my report. 

First off here's the set list;

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Makin' Love
3. Watchin' You

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Radio Reality Check, Live To and Kiss Army
Presents Cleveland, prepare to be KISSED!

KISS will be our highlight!
Thursday July 20th at 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM (Pacific Time)
We will discuss the Kiss Army march in Cleveland Ohio to help secure Kiss’
Long over due induction into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame!
We will be playing nothing but KISS!

Showing their support for Kiss will be very special guest

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