Farewell Tour Reports - Atlanta & Greenville
Report 1 & all pictures by Ian Muir

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On the 14th of April I flew to Atlanta from London Gatwick to see 4 concerts in 10 days, Atlanta, Columbia, Charlotte and Greenville.

Greenville was awesome, I'm surprised the roof is still on the Bi-Lo center. They entered via a platform that is lowered from the top of the stage and started with 'Detroit Rock city', followed by 'Deuce' and 'Shout it out Loud', the stage was filled with all kinds of explosives and flame throwers. 'Heavens on Fire' was one of the crowd favorites along with 'I love it Loud', which was my personal favorite. Gene did his usual fire breathing during 'Firehouse' and blood spitting before 'God of Thunder' where he was raised to the top of the stage.

Throughout the night Paul paid homage to the fans at Greenville, mentioning how they made his dreams come true, he then flew out into the crowd to sing 'Love Gun' during which the crowd went crazy. The end of Black Diamond was unbelievably spectacular with Peters drum kit rising and spewing out huge amounts of fireworks and flames. Overall the 4 concerts were fantastic, in my opinion it was better than the reunion tour and I can't wait to get back there in late June for 4 more concerts.
Report 2 (by ?????)

I flew to Greensboro, NC to KISS this weekend and the show was awesome. The stage is ok, I think it was the old or a replica of the stage setup they were using around the time of ALIVE II. They had a huge video screen behind Peter and two hanging from the ceiling. On both sides of the main video screen they had huge flashing letters spelling out KISS. During the show they showed a lot of old KISS footage on the main screen and they had special footage they showed during "Detroit Rock City", "Firehouse", "Psycho Circus" and "God of Thunder". Gene did his flying thing during "God of Thunder" as he did during the Reunion Tour). Paul also rode on the cable out into the middle of the crowd  to sing. I was really surprised that they let ACE sing as many songs as he did "Shock Me", "2000 Man", "New York Groove" and he did his solo which was made up of ACE solo stuff "Rock Soldiers etc." and he also played the theme to 2001. They played a few songs that all members weren't present for like "I Love It Loud", "Heavens On Fire", "Lick it Up".  I know there are rumors that KISS may not take the tour to Europe but if they do SEE THIS SHOW! 

P.S. It's a long flight from London Heathrow to North Carolina!


Thanks to Ian for report 1 & all pictures




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