Farewell Tour Reports - Knoxville, TN (30/4/2000)
Report by Alyson Wallace

So how about the farewell tour? It was out of this world! I have seen KISS numerous times since 1976 but this show was the best! I mean the best!! All four of them were on top form and they sang and played their hearts out. No matter I have heard the songs before, I was entranced, blown away and so overwhelmed by it all. The crowd was awesome and Gene and Paul were taken aback themselves on a few occasions by the audience response to them and the things they were saying. Though it was a sad time as it was the last time we would see them, KISS made sure everyone was happy and enjoying it all, there was no room for sadness, it was a celebration of all they have achieved and celebrate we all did! They had a lovely montage of memories comprising stills from their 27 year history showing on the screens when they did "Do You Love Me?"

So why call it "Knockersville" ? Paul gave the place that name saying the town should be called that as there were so many girls with big ones!! There were a good few well endowed girls in the front rows by the stage flashing for all they were worth at regular intervals - well captured on the 
big screen cameras and shown across the auditorium!! As you can imagine, Gene was enjoying it all immensely and he was smiling alot during the whole show - not what one usually sees from the Demon on stage. Gene's God of Thunder was brilliant, he flew and spat blood in the best of fashion, Ace did brilliant solos and had all sorts of pyros from his guitars. Paul was on top form and chatted to the audience through it all and Peter was laughing and playing around whilst on the drums and played his best yet- his pyros at the end were spectacular too.

Ted Nugent was great and everything one can expect of the Motor City Mad man on stage and more. Skid Row were good - the new singer is as good as Bach, in my humble opinion, and did traditional Skid Row songs justice. What a circus, what a show, what a night to remember, and remember it I will for the rest of my life!!!

Sorry to have gone on a bit but I guess you can see I had a great time!!!

Keep on KISSIN' folks and keep in touch.

Ally (demonallycat@hotmail.com)


Thanks to Ian for report 1 & all pictures




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