Farewell Tour Reports - Columbia
Report & all pictures by Ian Muir

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When I arrived at the Carolina Coliseum I was amazed at how small the stadium was, but the crowd made enough noise for twice the amount of people. From the moment the curtain dropped around the stage I knew this was going to be an awesome concert.

Paul seemed to be extra energetic on this night, dancing and throwing himself all over the
stage, and you could tell he was stunned by how load the crowd was. Once again Gene's fire-breathing and blood spitting proved a huge hit with the crowd. Ace's solo was also awesome with him playing the theme from 2001 A Space Odyssey and a small portion of 'New York Groove' - a song I wished they played in full.

Peter also played a short drum solo during one song (I've actually forgotten which song it was in) but it sent the crowd crazy. One of the highlights was Paul flying into the crowd to sing 'Love Gun' and he couldn't have failed to see the large Australian flag I was waiving throughout the night (as I'm proud to be Australian). The concert featured all the usually stuff just with a more awesome atmosphere due to the smaller crowd.

Once again an AWESOME show.


Thanks to Ian for report 1 & all pictures




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