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28/2/1999 Got your tickets yet?Wembley Ticket

At last I'm ready for the show - my 4 tickets arrived from WayAhead yesterday morning (about time!). From what I've been hearing it looks like the show is almost a sell out, standing tickets are all gone and most places only have tickets left at the back of the arena. If your tickets haven't arrived from WayAhead yet then give them a call on 0115 912 9116.


Anyone else stay up to watch KISS' Grammy nomination on BBC 1 last night? Even though I knew they didn't win it (Page & Plant did) I still wanted to see it.... except the Beeb cut out half of the awards including 'Best hard rock performance'!!! And to make matters worse Jamie 'I hate KISS' Theakston kept butting in with his smarmy remarks all through the show (in case you didn't know Jamie has allegedly been known for slagging of KISS). Nice one BBC - almost as good as not even mentioning KISS during the Donington special on Radio 1 (even though they were the headliners!!!).

24/2/1999 Psycho Circus Tour Edition

At last I've got my copy of the new live cd (packaged with Psycho Circus). I've written a review for the Releases section - complete with a few scans.
<<Click here to read the Psycho Circus Tour Edition review>>

21/2/1999 Midi's

Okay then 'Midi Of The Month' was a bit of a disaster wasn't it (the last one was added in 1997!). Anyway, thanks to the guys at The KISS Midi Emporium and The KISS Midi Empire I now have around 100 new midi's on the site. This months featured midi is Into The Void. <<Click here to visit the midi page>>

20/2/1999 Dale Sherman interview

Dale Sherman, author of the great Black Diamond series of books, has given KISSin' UK an exclusive interview. Dale talks about his current projects, interviewing Eric Carr, Psycho Circus and a lot more. I have also published some excerpts from Black Diamond 2 in the Books Section.

<<Click Here to read the interview>>

<<Click Here to read the excerpts>>

KISS Psychos Issue 2KISS Psychos Issue 2

I received issue 2 of this great fanzine this morning - this month the fanzine is a Psycho Circus special. It contains reviews of Psycho Circus shows, merchandise, magazine covers and videos (including the Millennium program). For more information on KISS Psychos have a look at the KISS Psychos Page.

Playboyplayboy2s.jpg (9895 bytes)

The Playboy KISS special was released over here on the 18th, if you want a copy but don't have one yet then I recommend you get hold of one fast as they're bound to sell out. There's a 12 page article of the band complete with several models dressed up in KISS make-up (and little else). The actual article isn't too hot but there's a small section on collectibles and a few other KISS bits & bobs scattered through the mag.playboy3.jpg (16446 bytes)

18/2/1999 The Independent

The edition of The Independent on Thursday 11th February contained the following KISS article in the 'First Call, Last Call' section:-

"HEAVY METAL band Kiss (right) will once again don their fright make-up and skin-tight costumes when they bring their music circus show to England in March. Nostalgic madness or a welcome come-back, the die-hard fans of this band, which first formed back in the mid-1970's, really don't care. With a string of hits to their name, Kiss are from the old school of heavy metal, now reconstructed with 1990s irony, of course. Wembley Arena, London (0181-902 0902) 25 Mar"

17/2/1999 Express - KISS fans aren't female!The Express

KISS were featured in Tuesday's edition of The Express. The article was called 'Five ways to dump your girlfriend', one of the ways mentioned was to take her to a KISS concert. Obviously the Express know what they're talking about as they say (apart from calling KISS 'old rockers') "Strangely, they're still immensely popular. But not with the ladies.", hmm then how come about a big chunk of the visitors to this site are female?.... Click on the image to read the article.

Anyway it's good to see them getting a fair bit of coverage in the UK papers though. Thanks to Martin Wombwell for the scan (Martin has his own KISS page in case you didn't know).

14/2/1999 KISS Shop

The Online KISS Shop has been updated, it now features the new 'Psycho Circus' book (several issues of the comics in one book), 'KISS And Tell' and the sequel 'KISS And Tell, More'. Several of the other books have also come down in price.

14/2/1999 Heatheat1.jpg (8437 bytes)

Thanks to Martin Wombwell for this. The following picture appears in this weeks 'Heat' magazine (a new entertainment/TV mag). It's part of their Superbowl article, although the band aren't mentioned anywhere else on the page.

Another article in the mag has the following quote from Gene:-

"We're like cockroaches. We're going to survive you all. When everyone is laid to rest in coffins, KISS will still be here."

11/2/1999 KISS Psycho's

I've organised the Mags, Books & Fanzines section a bit better. It now includes reviews of UK KISS fanzines - the first of which is KISS Psycho's which is the latest one to hit the UK. Check out the review, 'cause this is a fanzine that you wont want to miss!
<<Read the KISS Psycho's review here!>>

6/2/1999 Eric Singer Interview

Eric Singer has been kind enough to answer a few questions for KISSin' UK. He has recently released a new album 'Lost And Spaced' under the name of ESP (Eric Singer Project). Seeing as there hasn't been much hype for it over here I thought I'd ask Eric about it.
<<Click Here to read the interview>>

Classic Rock Issue 3Classic Rock March/April

The latest issue of Classic Rock (excellent UK rock mag) has a small news clip about KISS. It briefly mentions the Wembley tour in March and also has some news about the much talked about Roswell gig which is once again rumoured to be taking place on July 4th:- "Kiss not only intend to invite our alien neighbours to the party by broadcasting the gig into outer space, but also plan to christen the new kiss constellation on the solar map! And the best part is, it's all free!"

KISS also popped up in the 1998 Readers' Poll:-

Album Of The Year
6) KISS - Psycho Circus
Band Of The Year
Hype Of The Year
2) New KISS album

Classic Rock March/April edition is in the shops now for 2.50.

Advert for Psycho Circus - Tour EditionClick for a bigger version!

The official ad for the new double cd has started to spring up (including page 2 of the new Classic Rock magazine). Click on the ad to get a bigger version.

Kerrang Competition

As reported a few days ago it's now official that next weeks Kerrang! will feature a competition where you and 30 mates can win tickets to the Wembley show (Mercury told me that it will only be open for school kids). The lucky buggers will also get the chance to go back stage to meet the guys!

4/2/1999 KISS in Now magazine (again)Now magazine

The following article appeared in this weeks Now magazine in a feature about Sam Fox (that's two weeks in a row KISS have been in here!).

"At last Sam found someone who wore more make-up then she did - on stage at least - when she dated Paul Stanley of the outrageous band Kiss. The American band's collision of heavy metal and glam rock appealed to Sam, who was at the start of her campaign to launch her career as a singer in the US. 'Sam and I are good friends, but I have no thoughts of settling down', said Paul at the time. He said of the many groupies he'd slept with: 'I haven't kept count of them all, but I have a photographic memory - and it's filthy.'"

National EnquirerNational Enquirer

Thanks to Martin Wombwell for telling me about this one, there's a small Gene article in this weeks National Enquirer (an American trashy paper, but widely available over here).

"It seemed like old times when Cher and Kiss frontman Gene Simmons ran into each other backstage at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

The romantic flames still seemed to burn as the former lovers, who in 1979 (right) were a hot, hot item, embraced (left) and exchanged a big, sloppy kiss, to everyone's delight. Insiders however that Simmons' famous tongue remained inside his mouth the whole time. 'Cher looks beautiful, she's classy, she's always been a lady' Simmons said as he took a long look at the 52-year-old actress and singer."

1/2/1999 News from Mercury

I've just got the following news from Mercury:-

KISS play Superbowlsuperbowl2.jpg (24463 bytes)

Thanks to Martin Curtis, Rob Yates (for the pic), Neil Pepper and Darren Wells for the following info! Picture on right taken from

KISS rocked away to Rock And Roll All Nite yesterday at the pre game show for the Superbowl. There were loads of cheerleaders on the field dancing along - all of them dressed up in KISS make-up!! The full song was shown on Sky and the Big Breakfast had a quick clip on their 8:30 news - it was a clip of Peter and Ace, who's guitar had a spinning Catherine wheel on the end!. 'Phil Gayle' said something like "Rock gods Kiss opened the event in a wsuperbowl.jpg (10258 bytes)ay only they could!" (or something to that effect!).

Afterwards Gerry Glanville, one of the commentators (ex - Atlanta Falcons head coach) said in a dead excited voice "I've never been to a KISS concert but I'm going to go out and get me a ticket!!" The guys got a well deserved standing ovation at the end of the show (although that wasn't shown on TV).

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