June 2000
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28th June 2000 BBC auction report
[From: BBC News Online]
Fans spend millions for a piece of Kiss 

Collectors and fans of veteran rock band Kiss spent a collective $1.6m (1m) at an auction of the group's memorabilia in LA at the weekend. 

A set of life-size dummies of the band fetched the highest bid of $189,500 (118,400), while a bathrobe given to Gene Simmons by Cher made $632 (395). 

Simmons and fellow Kiss member Paul Stanley said they parted with the items because they wanted "as many people as possible to have a piece of Kiss". 
Metal Edge
The latest issue of Metal Edge (August) contains 4 brand new interviews with KISS along with 4 pin-up posters. You should be able to get a copy over here although it seems to be getting harder and harder to find it now (got mine in Vegas). Amongst other things the following is said:-
  • Ace regrets not getting more material on Psycho Circus although he says he will keep his rejected songs for his next solo album
  • Ace think it's fun interpreting the way Bruce played the solos of the 3 new songs on this tour 
  • Ace will be doing a 1 hour guitar clinic broadcast over the internet - probably this summer
  • Ace hints that they would consider another tour after this one, maybe.
  • Peter has his own record company called Catapult Records, he may release a tribute to Gene Krupa first.
  • Peter has been in discussion with Dave 'Snake' Sabo about a possible future project
  • When asked if Paul has any thoughts about returning with Bruce & Eric Paul says 'I can't say what the future holds'
  • Paul's biggest mistakes with  KISS were Unmasked and The Elder.
  • Gene says the forthcoming KISS projects include a four hour mini-series, The Story Of KISS, a KISS theme park and a KISS casino (hmm, how will that work now you've sold everything???).
  • There's another Pepsi advert coming on July 4th, this time with the US Marines (or so Gene says anyway).
Radio show
[From: Eric Whitten]
Hey fellow kiss fan,
I invite you to listen to 91.5 wrbc in Lewiston Maine USA on Tuesday July fourth from two p.m. to eight p.m. eastern standard time for the ninth annual KISS MARATHON. listen live at http://www.bates.edu/wrbc  for six solid hours of kiss music and interviews. this is an all request program so feel free to e-mail your request to us in the studio during the program. any and all questions should be e-mailed to me at malignant@rocketmail.com thank you
26th June 2000 News bits
Sorry for the lack of updates recently I've been in Vegas for a week (6 weeks before KISS unfortunately), tonnes of KISS stuff over there - including video adverts being played for the August 2nd show all the time (even in some of the casinos!). The KISS auction was taking place over there while I was there and got some coverage on Fox news - the Alive/Worldwide costumes went for around $190,000 with the Psycho Circus ones going for $145,000!!

Managed to get hold of the latest Metal Edge look out for some scans & info from it tomorrow (there's 4 great interviews in it). The KISS stuff in Spencers was a bit disappointing (Love Gun Dolls, bears, lava lamp & a Gene goblet), but another rock shop in the Stratosphere (just down from Spencers) has a huge KISS display in the window including Love Gun Dolls, fabric posters, lifesize cut-outs, KISS American Football shirts etc). Hopefully the Hard Rock hotel in Vegas will be bidding in the KISS Auction - all they can currently manage is 12 KISS dolls (including the 4 original ones from the 70's) and some other bit's & bob's - no guitars or costumes.

[From: Patrick Haak]
Just want to inform you about some magazines & articles.

The new GUITAR ONE magazine has a 5 page article in his latest issue (July 2000). It also has a small pic. of Ace on the cover with this text: KISS riff blowout!.

Also the latest METAL EDGE (July 2000) magazine is for sale now with almost a full cover (Gene, Ace & Paul). It's a 20 page KISS farewell tour exclusive.
You really have to buy this one!

This week weekly magazines DAG ALLEMAAL / ZONDAG NIEUWS have a small article & pic. of Gene Simmons. It's about his biography.
Last week teen-magazine JOEPIE had a small article & pic. of the band about there auction on the 24th/25th of this month.
17th June 2000 News bits
Classic Rock have a small KISS article in their news pages, it mentions Gene's biography and the farewell tour - there's a picture of the band too - mirrored (doesn't it piss you off when magazines do that??).

PC Format have given Psycho Circus- The Nightmare Child a small preview in the new issue, gets a fairly decent write up although they say it's out in September which is wrong (especially considering they were at the London preview where all the promo stuff said it's out on July 14th). Good to see it's getting some decent coverage over here though.

The Second Coming is to get it's European release late next month - a Dutch release has been on the cards for a couple of months, but now it seems all of us should be getting it. If you've don't know what I'm talking about click here to read a review of the video.

14th June 2000 Gene wins court case
[From: Allstar via George Tzimas]
Gene Simmons Scores Victory Against Nanny In Court
KISS rocker Gene Simmons has successfully fended off a lawsuit brought by a former nanny in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The lawsuit, filed by a former nanny of Simmons and longtime companion Shannon Tweed, was dismissed by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge after "the factual basis of the evidence on which the lawsuit was filed came into serious question," said Charles Goldstein, Simmons' lawyer, in a statement to the press. What evidence exactly was unknown at press time.

"We never thought anyone we treated like family would sue us," said Simmons in a statement after the victory. "The dismissal of the case was a complete vindication because we always treated her with respect and dignity," added Tweed.

KISS Unauthorized DVD
Jack, the producer of both Tale Of The Fox and KISS Unauthorized has been in touch to say that KISS Unauthorized will be released on DVD, complete with more bonus footage very soon!
11th June 2000 Detroit show review
Dan bach has sent in a great review of the 2 Detroit shows that he went to in May, along with pictures of stuff he picked up along the way (including a set list signed by Ace himself).

Click to read Dan's review!

9th June 2000 Eric Singer on TFI
If you didn't catch TFI at 6 tonight make sure you see the repeat at midnight - Eric Singer was playing drums for Alice Cooper on his new single (might be wrong but I think the song is called 'Blow me a kiss'??). You didn't get to see much of him, but all the same any Eric coverage is cool with me.
7th June 2000 Psycho Circus preview
Just got back from a special preview showing of The Nightmare Child at the Playing Fields in London, a few people from Gathering Of Developers made the trip over to show off the game. Well what can I say apart from that the game is shit hot, don't worry about having to think when you're playing - this game was built for your trigger finger alone....

Click to read the full article (includes Dreamcast info) 

Managed to pick up a copy of Goldmine when I was in London, yet again Ken Sharp has produced 4 excellent interviews that cover everything from the Farewell Tour to what they got up to before KISS existed. Here's some highlights, but I really recommend that you get hold of a copy:-
  • Ace admits that Peter only played on 1 Psycho Circus track and that he didn't play on them all either
  • When asked which member they'd like to be for a day Paul & Gene both say Peter, Peter says Ace and Ace says... himself!
  • Peter admits to stabbing someone in self-defense when he was younger.
  • Ace says Mike Myers tried to get him a part in Austin Powers II(???)
  • Paul has had 4 major theater offers for when the tour is over
  • Gene talks about how the KISS merchandising wagon will carry on long after the tour (all the stuff you've heard before, theme parks, cartoons etc...)
  • Gene will be starting another record company soon
  • Paul doesn't rule out producing more music with Gene, however Gene doesn't think it will happen
5th June 2000 More Nightmare Child info
I've just been given the box art and the text from the back of the European Nightmare Child box - it's looking pretty cool I think you'll agree. Looks like we wont be having the 4 different boxes as is believed to be happening in the US.

Click to read the text from the box

I'll have a full report from a special preview session on Wednesday and a load of new screenshots on Friday.....

Dan's Back!
Dan bach, who has contributed a fair old bit to the site in the last year has just come back from a couple of Farewell shows in Detroit. He will be sending in a review soon, but until then here's a quick report:-

Hi everyone,

Dan bach 'ere. Right then busily compiling me review for the website.

I bought two - Detroit Rock City event shirts. They are so cool - Alive IV front print and back print every single Detroit date they have played from Michigan Palace in 1974 to the Auborn Hills Palace in 2000. Really cool shirt. They cost me $30 each so with currency as it is they are roughly 22 pounds. Since I am a charitable person I will pay the postage. If you want these shirts then e-mail me privately.

The Alive IV programme is freaking awesome. All dates they have done since Coventry days in January 1973 - mind you there are few mistakes. Only got one since this will be available on European tour.

KISStory II. Wow and not WOW. Confused - right the merchandise section is awesome and the fan merchandise is spectacular. Only problem too much of the Girls of KISS. Don't get me wrong I am a red hot blooded male and love some titilation (spelling) but nearly 30 pages of the Playboy photo session.

In hindsight the trip cost me a friggin' fortune. But I am so pleased I went. Detroit is a lovely city and I really enjoyed myself. 

Dan bach

1st June 2000 More tour dates
Some new US tour dates have just been announced taking the tour up to the beginning of September. The new dates include another show in Las Vegas on August 2nd at the Mandalay Bay hotel/casino.
Nightmare Child
Look out for a special preview report of KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child next week, I'm off to meet the developers and (hopefully) have a go of the game. Some more screenshots will also be released next week. If anyone has any questions about the game mail me before next week and I'll do my best to get an answer.


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