Farewell Tour Reports - Virginia Beach
Report pictures by Ian Muir

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I recently got back from seeing 5 show's in the US at East Rutherford, Raleigh, Manannas, and VA beach.

The VA Beach show was Awesome. After Skid row played Ted Nugent was his usual redneck self, and being close to the 4th of July he was even worse, America is the greatest, BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!,down with the British. Being a proud Australian I just had to wave MY large Australian
flag that I had right in front of him just to let him know that the US doesn't completely dominate the world, but he did whip the crowd up.

Then it was time for KISS, the first 3 songs (Detroit Rock City, Deuce and Shout it out Loud) got the crowd going. Paul was great at getting the crowd going he said at one point "we were down at the beach today, did you see us? we were in full make up, just catching a few rays". Ace really seemed to be having a good time interacting with the crowd, as he threw guitar picks into the crowd he would laugh when he saw the struggle that went on to get them. The VA Beach crowd really got in to "2000 man" which is one of my personal favorites and he's guitar solo was wicked then seemed to have added more smoke to his guitar as it burned for longer than normal, at one stage you couldn't even see Ace because of the smoke.

Gene had his usual fun with the girls in the crowd encouraging them to get their tits out (which they did on numerous occasions), the cameraman even captured 2 women in the middle of a passionate kiss, which brought huge applause from the audience. His blood spitting and firebreathing were highlights of the show. Peter also seemed very energetic during his drum solo during "100 000 years".

The show finished as usual with "Love Gun" and "Black Diamond", the roar that went up as Paul flew out into the crowd was deafening, there must have been at least 30 000 people all screaming at once. After the first encore which was "Beth" they all came out and Peter and Gene were mucking about trying to kick each other which was a good laugh. Luckily it was an open air arena because "Rock and Roll all Nite" would have brought the roof down, what a way to finish the concert. One funny moment during this song was when Gene put some womens Panties, which had been thrown up over his face.

I would recommend that you see KISS in an open air venue it was mind blowing, sometimes it's had to believe they are over 50, they all seem to be having such a good time.


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