Farewell Tour Reports - East Rutherford
Report & pictures by Ian Muir

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Here is my report from the East Rutherford shows

I was very excited about seeing my first Kiss concert in New York, although East Rutherford NJ
technically isn't New York it was close enough for me, and once again the boys didn't let me down.

From the moment the curtain came down after Ted Nugent you could feel the electricity in the air, Kiss were coming home. From the first moments of 'Detroit Rock city', to 'deuce' and 'Shout it out load' the roar was deafening from the sold out Continental Arena, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Paul.

Throughout the show he referred to East Rutherford as 'home', they played their hearts out for the
fans especially Peter who was very energetic all night, his drum solo during '100 000 years' was
awesome. Their 'newer' hits like 'I love it load' and 'Heavens on Fire were 2 highlights of the show
although they seem to have reduced the amount of fire that shoots out during 'Heavens on Fire' which is a shame.

Gene's firebreathing and bloodspitting drew the usual applause followed by him flying to the top of the stage and giving a thunderous rendition of 'God of Thunder'. Ace played one of my favorites
'2000 man' after which his guitar spewed out endless amounts of smoke during his solo.

A great moment for me was when Paul flew out into the crowd to do 'Love Gun' and I was lucky enough to be directly under him so I jumped up and just managed to touch his boot. You may say that is pathetic but I'm easily amused. Peter Criss's version of 'Beth' brought a huge round of applause as did the rock and roll national anthem 'Rock and Roll all nite' during which I felt like I was drowning in a sea of confetti, some of which I souvenired.

The boys were full of energy both nights and seemed to love playing for their home fans, the only
disappointing point on the 2nd night were the huge sections of empty seats in the upper back of the arena, the atmosphere was just as good though.

Can't wait to get back again in September.



Thanks to Ian for report & all pictures




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