September 2000
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30th September 2000 Detroit Rock City PPV
As well as being available on VHS to buy, Detroit Rock City will be on Sky Box Office PPV from Wed 25th October onwards. 
29th September 2000 CLOWN WHITE NEWS - continued...
[From: Deno, Clown White]
To put this down in a little more detail (and I think I owe it to a few people!) the main reason for finishing the magazine is pretty simple. CASH!

OK - I know it's been hard commitment wise (keeping to a quarterly schedule is tough - especially when most fans want you to do it more often) but I really believed I could put up with that. My part-time job (at x-records, by the way) has helped keep me afloat while trying my best to realise the dream. And my dream is not one based on money - but simply to not have to struggle so much - and be able to work for myself. I loved doing this (for the most part) and the fact that it was about KISS was always gonna mean that the magazine 'looked' good. So to decide I was going to call it a day was not an easy decision - but I just had to do it. When you're friends with the firm printing your product, it gets embarrassing to keep delaying them the money you owe. And it wasn't that I didn't have the money either. I too, had to wait patiently for the revenue from 'copy sales' to come in (CLOWN WHITE took virtually 'nothing' from advertising). Starting out with 'no capital' to invest (in fact I was overdrawn at the bank when I began) finally caught up with me - and I really didn't want that to happen. I thought it would 'grow' quicker than it did (sales are approx. 4,000 now) but I didn't have the reserves to advertise myself - or - to increase the size of the magazine, making it a more viable publication to 'would-be' distributors.

So - now you know - and I aint 'bullshitting' you! For all those who've helped along the way (and there have been plenty) and for all the fans who bought the magazine, I've attached a story that was going to appear in issue 6. Kindly written by Tod Howarth, this was going to be part of a new 'feature' called ROCK STARS IN THEIR OWN WORDS! It's too good not to see the light of day and for all those ACE FREHLEY fans who felt their 'stomachs churn' when they read 'KISS AND TELL' - here's the other side of the story. Please feel free to put this on your webpages...
Thank you.
PS: I'll be back...

Click Here to read the Tod Howarth short story

28th September 2000 Bad news! The end of Clown White
[From: Deno, Clown White]
It was never 'meant' to happen - but sadly it has. The UK's 'premier' KISS magazine, CLOWN WHITE will finish soon - without it seems, a final issue! The 'constant' pressure of having to honour commitments plus a lack of financial capital has finally taken it's toll - and although there were plans to produce one final issue (a 'mega' 96 page edition) for the final shows at 'Madison Square' - those plans now seem very unlikely. Subscribers are asked to be patient while we tie-up all the loose ends - but they will ALL be contacted soon. Full details will follow tomorrow...

New Tracks products
[From: Tracks]
The following items are now available from Tracks:- Kiss McFarlane Series Four Action Figures, Embossed 'Solo Faces' Lunchbox and 1/64 Scale Kiss Prowler.

The Alive action figures are without doubt the coolest KISS collectibles in a long time, each figure comes with it's own instrument and amp and also a guitar pick - the most 'KISS' like dolls to date. The Prowler is produced by Racing Champions exclusively for the Prowler Club USA and is limited to 3500 worldwide. It comes complete with a KISS stand and KISS logos on the tyres and boot. The lunch box if fully embossed with artwork on both the front and back.

Click Here for full details of all 3 and ordering details

28th September 2000 Sweet Pain CD
[From: Mich, Sweet Pain]
A new SWEETPAIN cd is out now!!!!! KISS 'EM ALL!! Tracklist is as follows:-

Magic Touch
Is That You?
Every Time I Look At You
Larger Than Life
Room Service
The Oath
All Hell's Breaking Loose

The dutch kisstributeband did it again!!! Order it now for 12 us $ at 

Sweetpain will be featured with a stand at the coming kiss convention in Zaandam, Holland!! BE THERE!!

Eric Carr - Inside The Tail Of The Fox
Press Release:
From the Official Eric Carr website and ROCK FOR THE CURE! NEW! "INSIDE THE TALE OF THE FOX," The ERIC CARR STORY. The True Story, The Untold Story.

This New DVD/Video Special Edition Features several AWESOME ADDITIONS. The DVD includes 4 audio LINKS which feature rare unreleased Music. The DVD/Video has almost 20 additional minutes of new rare footage, Plus lots more..
Bonus!! If you order Now through Rock for the Cure website, you will receive a FREE Eric Carr Promotional GIFT WITH YOUR ORDER. REMEMBER-THIS FREE OFFER IS ONLY THROUGH ROCK FOR THE CURE WEBSITE..

Preceded by an already GREAT, SOLD OUT video, "Inside the Tale of the Fox"
"THE ERIC CARR STORY" DVD/Video Special Edition, will showcase HUNDREDS of NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN photos of World Famous KISS drummer ERIC CARR and KISS (including newly discovered photo's of a 15-year-old ERIC with his true first band, THE ALLORES). Plus new photo's and unreleased music from many of his other pre-KISS bands.

* New! SEE classic HOME MOVIES of a 17-year-old ERIC playing his first set of
trademark Ludwig drums!!! Also included, are clips of a very young 7-year-old ERIC enjoying time with his FAMILY. See footage of Eric as he appeared on TV in a rare 1974 News show.

* New! Travel back in time through live audios from clubs that Eric rocked. Hear the wacky intro's from then PAUL CARAVELLO and other members of CREATION while they perform LIVE on stage and joke around with their devoted audience! Imagine!!! With the release of "INSIDE THE TALE OF THE FOX," The Eric Carr story, you will feel as though you are there laughing and singing right along with them!

* New! Hear an awesome Live solo form ERIC'S first HUGE gig with band SALT AND PEPPER!!! taped at New York City's Academy Of Music, (which would later become The Paladium, home to ERIC's first live KISS performance).

* New! View personal Home movies of Eric on and Off the Road with KISS. Enjoy footage of Eric Clowning around while playing Basketball, and flirting with the Ladies. View a more Detailed look into the KISS Rockwalk inductions, through rare unreleased footage.

* New! Enjoy interviews with Carmen Appice, Plus more warm moments and
laughter from Bill Aucion, Bruce Kulick, Eric's family and many more.

* This new Edition DVD/Video will give you a more PERSONAL and detailed
look into the Life of 'The fox," ERIC CARR. From his youthful pre-KISS
days, to his exciting career with The Hottest Band In The Land, this
SPECIAL EDITION is THE MOST EXTENSIVE tribute to a rock legend that you
will ever see!!! We invite you to celebrate Eric's memory time and time
again with this wonderful SPECIAL EDITION DVD/video!

"INSIDE THE TALE OF THE FOX," promises to be an informative, heartfelt, and
exciting collection, offering all true fans of Rock 'n Roll a candid look inside the life of one of one of the most talented, innovative, and best-loved drummers in Rock n' Roll History!!! THE FOX LIVES ON!!! Get up-to-the-minute information: Please visit
and the official Eric Carr website at 

FOREIGN ORDER info please visit...

27th September 2000 IMPORTANT - missing E-mail
As you may know the site has been shagged for the last 2 days, this has also meant that I have lost some E-mail. If you mailed me on Monday 25th or Tuesday 26th please can you send me it again as chances are it's been lost. Please note that any additions to the Trade Page on those 2 days will also have been lost.

KISSin' UK will be moving servers soon to prevent this happening again, but the site shouldn't be affected too much during the move.

Belgium magazines
[From: Patrick Haak]
Here is the update from Belgium:
 The latest edition of Belgian's music magazine STAGE has a 2-page article about "The Hottest Band". This is very rare stuff because this magazine didn't pay attention to Kiss in the past few years. It's a very positive piece about there OTT concerts & current Farewell Tour. They also review the "Kiss Psycho Circus" game and mention how great it really is.
24th September 2000 Hamilton report
[From: Dave Bennett]
Kiss kicked ass in Hamilton! Another incredible show. The crowd was really into the show and responding very enthusiastically to the band. Ace and Gene danced around together, and Peter and Ace were play fighting when Peter came down to take a bow. Gene did something that made Peter laugh and point his drum sticks repeatedly at him. Paul was dancing around having a great time, and he, Gene and Ace were high-fiving each other during the show....
Click here to read Dave's full report!
23rd September 2000 Nick Smith's Creatures Bonnet
[From: Nick Smith]
Thought you might like to see my latest project a "creatures bonnet". Airbrushed onto the surface of the car bonnet and then lacquered with 16 coats of 2-pack lacquer. If anyone is
interested they can contact me at the usual address or phone/fax number.

Click here for Nick's contact details
Comment from Wembley
Here's the official, long winded comment from Wembley concerning the possible date booked by KISS:-
"No news to my knowledge."
So there ya go, looks like it may be a no-go, but then, didn't they say exactly the same thing last year???
Dressed To Kill dates
[From: Gary Banton]
I thought it was time I filled everyone in on what's new with your resident  quality KISS Tribute "Dressed To Kill".....

Well, we have the following gigs lined up.....

Sat 30th Sept: Bradford Rio's
Fri 27th Oct: Worthing Rock Station 2000
Sat 28th Oct: London, The Standard (Walthamstow)
Fri 10th Nov: Crewe Limelight
Sat 11th Nov: Stourbridge Rock Cafe 2000
Fri 8th Dec: Geleen, HOLLAND!!!
Sat 9th Dec: Zwolle, HOLLAND!!!

We have a new website under construction..... you know how long these things 
can take! It can be found at  It's gonna take a while until it's fully operational so be patient! Also, please IGNORE the phone number on it! It is INCORRECT! Good start eh?!? LOL! ;o) Also, Ash (Paul) has a new guitar for the gigs which he can't wait to play for you all! Lucky bleeder..... show off.... etc etc!

Paul Finn & myself are currently in contact with a MAJOR and quite SURPRISING venue for a possible KISS Convention. We will give no clues or answer any questions.... but as soon as we have some confirmation either Paul or myself will let you all know!
I Was Made For Lovin' You in Quebec
[From: Jean-Frederic Vachon]
Before RARAN Paul started talking about how french speaking cities liked a certain song and after fumbling a bit with the chords he started I Was Made for Loving You. Gene and Ace joined in, and they played a little bit of it. Gene was playing maybe 1 note out of 2 but when Peter got to his kit he started playing and Gene joined in for real. So Paul asked us if we wanted to hear it and they started over and played it from beginning to end! Pretty cool. Paul tried to signal Peter to segue into RARAN but Peter misunderstood and did a fill to finish the song. He then got Paul`s drift and started the intro.
21st September 2000 Pete's Tear
[From: David Bennett]
At the Providence, RI show on the 18th Peter Criss had a tear painted on his make up. He also dedicated Beth to Providence instead of his Mom, and Ted Nugent dedicated his set to Peter. What is that all about?
20th September 2000 New record label?
It looks like KISS may have changed label from Mercury to Island Records, if you visit Island Records' website you will notice that KISS are listed as one of their artists. It may be that either Universal (who bought out Mercury) are scrapping the Mercury name and have rebranded as 'Island' or have sold off KISS completely, I can't find any indication as to whether Universal own Island.

Bon Jovi are also listed (another Mercury band), so perhaps it is just a rebranding. Maybe that's why Alive IV is taking so bloody long.....

19th September 2000 Funny moments in KISStory
Over the past years there's been a fair few incidents on the stage that gave the crowd a laugh, some were deliberate and others the lads would probably sooner forget! I've managed to pull together a few of these stories from various people in a new section. If you have any more please send 'em on in!

Click here to read funny stage moments in KISStory!
New Metal Edge special Nov 7th
[From: Metal Edge]
My name is Dov Teta and I am the advertising director for Metal Edge magazine...I don't know if you have heard thru the KISS grapevine, but on November 7th, Metal Edge will be releasing a new KISS Live career pictorial. 

It will be a all glossy book, with new interviews, features, and a pictorial spanning the last 28 years of the bands existence. The previous book, The Farewell tourbook, is selling like hot cakes, and we expect this one to sell just as well.

More news about this soon!!
The Second Coming Competition
Apologies for taking so long to announce the winners, I was waiting for the prizes to arrive before I closed the compo. I've been assured that they will be arriving very soon, until then I will still accept new entries, so if you haven't entered yet you're not too late!
18th September 2000 KISS Penpals
Over the last couple of years loads of people have asked for some kind of page that you can leave details on to get some KISS E-mail penpals, I've finally got round to doing it. You can either add your own details for the list or simply have a look at everyone else on it, hopefully it'll turn out to be of some use. Thanks to Suzi and everyone else for the idea.

Click here visit

KISS jam
[From: uWantedtheBest]
I saw KISS in Binghamton and Syracuse this weekend and they did something I have never seen them do before. After Beth and before Rock And Roll All Night, Paul, Ace, and Gene do a little jam session to kill time while Peter takes off his costume boots and puts back on his drum shoes. Paul says something to the other guys like "What do you guys want to play?". They do little bits and pieces of Room Service, She, Parasite, I was made for loving you, Hotter than hell, Making Love and some other stuff. They all sounded very unpolished and sloppy (probably because they haven't practiced them in forever) but that actually made me appreciate it more. I saw KISS in Saratoga and Scranton on this tour and they didn't do this so it must be something new. It was a brilliant idea!
17th September 2000 Wembley rumour
[From: Andy via mailing list]
I have been told from a fairly reliable source (or is that sauce ?) one date has been tentatively booked at Wembley arena.
New KIZZ pictures
[From: KIZZ]
This is Marty (AKA Paul Stanley) of KIZZ, just to let u know here is photos of our recent gig in the Empire Music Hall, Belfast, on the 17th August 2000 and our new updated and revised logo , hope u like it!!!. Reviews of the gig will follow shortly.
Click here to see the pics
Paul Stanley interview
hello... I am emailing you on behalf of, the official site of New York City DJ Eddie Trunk. Today, I put up an interview done by Ed with Paul Stanley in July 2000. The interview is in Real Audio format, and it is a great listen for KISS fans. I thought it would be a good thing to alert your visitors about. 

Check out the interview at!

15th September 2000 Get KISS on your Nokia!
A few people have asked about getting a KISS logo on their Nokia's, well here's how to do it (almost) for free. Firstly you need a piece of software called SmartSMS, it is free for a 10 day trial, after which it costs $10, but 10 days should be long enough.

Download SmartSMS from here

Next you will want some KISS logo's, there's a couple below. The KISS logo one I found on the net and the one with the stars I done myself, use these or design your own. I'll be uploading some brand new ones soon. Just load one of these into SmartSMS and follow the instructions to upload it to your phone. Currently it means making a call to Denmark, but it's only for about 20 secs so it won't cost much.

Here's a couple of logos to try, right click them and save the picture:-
My own one: or the normal logo one: or make your own and send me it!

13th September 2000 DTK date cancelled
Just to let you know that the Dressed To Kill -Trillians, Newcastle Show (29th Sep) has definitely been cancelled. Arrangements are being made for another venue around Newcastle at a later date.

The next show is on Saturday 30th September at Club Rios, Bradford.

12th September 2000 Holland KISS Expo
[From: KISS Kollector]
KISS Expo in Holland at De Kade in Zaandam
In our last update we mentioned the KISS Expo with Bruce Kulick taking place in Utrecht. Meanwhile there has been a change of venue: the September 30 Expo will be at De Kade in Zaandam ( As stated before, Bruce will do a Q & A informing fans about his current going ons (solo album, autobiography, etc.) and also play some songs with glamrock band Shameless. Apart from international dealers bringing you the best in KISS merchandise, another band playing live during the Expo is Aces, who have covered KISS' Rock And Roll All Nite for one of their albums.
10th September 2000 KISS #1 in album vote

Thanks to the many kiss fans who visited our site in august.  kiss' debut was voted the number one debut album in our top ten.
I would be grateful if you could mention this so that people can see the full results for our August chart.
many thanks!
our url:
9th September 2000 Possible KISS Convention!
I've just heard from a company in the UK about a possible forthcoming UK KISS Convention. I don't have many more details yet as the idea is currently being passed about, but I will post any more info here as soon as I get it.
KISS Pay Per View
Probably old news for you by now, but KISS have announced that their recent New Jersey show at the Continental Arena will be broadcast in the States on a pay-per-view basis. It'll cost $19.95 and will go out on Saturday October 7th at 8PM (ET/PT) and will last 90 minutes. VH1 will be advertising it 10 days before it is aired. Okay, so we wont be getting it over here, but it wont be long before a decent video of it makes it across the Atlantic.
Message from KIZZ
[From: KIZZ]
Ace Frehley from kizz here (Steve). Great things are happening with the band with sold out shows and with an ever increasing following. The last gig at the Empire music hall was sold out in just over an hour and the capacity crowd sang every song (at times it was difficult to hear ourselves -particularly in lovegun and cold gin). The gig was taped and will be reviewed soon at KISSin' UK.
Psycho Circus demo
A demo of The Nightmare Child has appeared on the cover of PC Format on their latest issue (October), I expect it's the same demo as found on PC Zone but if you haven't got the game I recommend checking it out. PC Format reviewed the game in their September issue and awarded it a massive 84%.
1st September 2000 Ace Frehley Gun Accident
[From: Phil Hunt Via mailing list]
I got word of Ace Frehley accidentally getting shot in Texas from a friend so i decided to check into it, I have seen him live since then, and he was just fine and in great shape and showed no signs of any discomfort or pain, my friend was at the Houston show and she said he was great there as well. so he is ok and no problems and still kicking ass. But here is the story on Ace Frehley and the accident with a gun.


Those at the second coming of the KISS farewell tour AUG.22 in the Woodlands almost didn't get the chance to bid adieu to Ace Frehley. Days before the date,Frehley was reportedly shooting Uzis with a relative in Dallas and was grazed after a round got stuck and backfired into his chest. According to a band rep,the guitarist was taken to a hospital where shrapnel lodged just under his skin was removed.He was released without missing a show.

Phil Hunt

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