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Nick Smith is a KISS air-brush artist from Wolverhampton in the UK and regularly attends KISS conventions all around the world (he has a lot of cool stories to tell about the band too!). As you can see from the pics below, his work is excellent, the T-shirts range from 25 - 35 and can be purchased from the address at the bottom of the page.

Nick Smith Nick Smith

Nick Smith

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Car Bonnets Too!
Thought you might like to see my latest project a "creatures bonnet". Airbrushed onto the surface of the car bonnet and then lacquered with 16 coats of 2-pack lacquer. If anyone is interested they can contact me at the usual address or phone/fax number.

And if that lot wasn't enough, here's Nick's entire catalogue....

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1. Paul 2. Gene 3. Ace 10. Paul split 11.Gene split 12. Ace split
4. Gene 5. Peter 6. Eric Carr 13. Ace 14. Gene Alive2 15. Paul solo
7. Ace 8.Paul 9. Vinnie 16. Gene solo 17. Two Genes  

Standards 1-9 25 + P&P         Customs 10-16 35 + P&P

Custom work also available from 35 + P&P

(P&P - UK 1.00, EC 2.00, Rest of World 3.00)

Contact Details:-

Nick Smith
11 Longdon Avenue

Tel/Fax:- 01902 336439
Int:- +441902 336439


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