Farewell Tour Reports - Hamilton, Ontario 23/9/2000
Report by Dave Bennett

Kiss kicked ass in Hamilton! Another incredible show. The crowd was really into the show and responding very enthusiastically to the band. Ace and Gene danced around together, and Peter and Ace were play fighting when Peter came down to take a bow. Gene did something that made Peter laugh and point his drum sticks repeatedly at him. Paul was dancing around having a great time, and he, Gene and Ace were high-fiving each other during the show.

Peter still had a tear painted on his make-up, and seemed to be a bit reserved and stiff when the show started. But after about 15 minutes he seemed to be loosening up and getting into the show more. He always smiled and made funny faces when he realized he was on camera. He dedicated "Beth" to Hamilton, as this would be the last time he would sing it to them in person. One of his drums fell over when his platform started to rise, and he had to mess with it to get it out of his way. Peter did sort of a drum "solo" for a few minutes as Paul was rapping to the audience - it wasn't as impressive as a real dedicated solo, but it sounded really cool.

Ace was awesome - he performed "2000 Man" and "Shock Me" really well, and his guitar playing was right on. Except for during his solo, where he flubbed a couple of times and his guitar ran out of smoke before it started to fly up and out of sight. No matter, he's still the coolest guitar player around! Ace really looked like he was having a great time and was very energetic. The crowd went wild as he shot fireworks from his guitar and exploded the balloons full of confetti.

Gene was a character as usual, stomping around and making faces at the audience. He wrapped a big banner some fans threw up on stage over his head/shoulders and walked around with it - it looked pretty funny. He didn't really play much during his bass solo - a lot of looking around waiting for a response from the crowd, and hardly touching his guitar. Didn't matter, though - the crowd (myself included) was loving it, and went nuts as he flew up into the air. His fire-breathing and blood spitting was great as it always is.

Paul was also full of energy, dancing and running all over the stage. Early in the show you couldn't hear his singing very well, it kept cutting/fading out. I'm not sure if was a technical problem, or if he just wasn't staying close to the mic enough. The crowd went crazy when he flew out into the audience and performed from the small stage in the middle. Paul kept the audience participation high, and it made for a great interactive show.

Despite the minor glitches (which just makes the show a bit more "human" IMHO), I had a great time at the show - definitely worth the money. From the opening "OK, Hamilton.... you wanted the best..." and then all the band members descending on their platforms (that had smoke coming out of the bottom like space ships landing) to the great encore, which included "I Was Made For Loving You", I was in KISS fan heaven. I am sad that it's all going to be over soon, but extremely happy that my wife and I got a chance to see these Rock legends perform the greatest live Rock show in the world one final time.

Thank you Peter, Paul, Gene and Ace - you will never be forgotten.

Dave Bennett


Thanks to Dave for the report


E. Rutherford


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