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Back in 1993 when I was a student in Birmingham I came across a cool shop called Oasis. After Giogio himselfgetting completely lost in it's basement I stumbled across a bloke selling air-brushed t-shirts. I thought to myself how cool it would be if there were T-shirts like these of KISS. I quickly searched through all the shirts that he had knowing that the chance of finding a KISS one was pretty low... That is until I spotted a very cool T-shirt of Peter Criss' face, I couldn't believe my eyes, I then found out that the artist (Giorgio) had a huge range of KISS shirts that he could paint. I promptly said goodbye to my university grant!! Who could resist a T-shirt that looks like this...

Peter CrissAfter buying both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley shirts similar to those pictured below, I decided to go for the ultimate KISS clothing - a leather jacket with Paul Stanley's face painted on the back. I know from meeting people at UK KISS conventions that there are quite a few really cool painted KISS jackets around, I just had to have one! I bought my jacket at Christmas 1994 and I'm hardly ever seen without it, it's practically glued to my back! My jacket is pictured on the left hand side of the KISSin' UK logo on the contents page.

Giorgio has also painted an Ace FrehleyAce Frehley T-shirt for me, I gave him the cover from the Ace Solo album and asked him if he could put it onto a shirt, I didn't really know what to expect. The result was brilliant, every last piece of detail has been put into the painting, it feels so cool walking around wearing a huge picture of Ace, even if you do get some weird looks from some people every now and then! My Ace T-shirt can be seen in the picture on the right. More recently I have bought the Gene shirt pictured on the left. The picture was taken from a photo that appeared in Raw magazine a few years ago.

For fans of the early - mid 1990's KISS line up (like me), Giorgio has also painted non-makeupPaul Stanley T-shirts as can be seen in the Paul Stanley picture on this page. And of course Eric Carr has not been left out (he has even painted a Vinnie shirt!), as can be seen from the pictures.

This article is not intended to be an advert for Giorgio, I just feel that every KISS fan should have the chance to see and appreciate what he is capable of. His artwork is very recognisable, loads of people asked me if my Ace T-shirt was a Giorgio when I was wondering around at Donington '96. Although there is a down side - these T-shirts do not come cheap, you have to look at them as more than just a shirt - they are a piece of art that takes hours to create, and I for one am proud to wear them.

Gene SimmonsI've included ordering details for those that are interested in getting their own T-shirt (either by mail order or by visiting him in person), also there are links to a few more T-shirt pictures that I couldn't fit onto this page. Giorgio has his own collection of KISS pictures that he can paint, although he will Paul Stanleypaint any picture you provide as long as it is large enough (see ordering details). Giorgio can now also produce paintings on canvas (literally any size!) and now also provides air-brush lessons for either beginners of the more advanced (see ordering page). Giorgio is a valuable KISS source in the UK, I hope he keeps up the good work.


Here are a few more pictures that I couldn't fit on this page:-

Gene spitting blood
Eric Carr
Vinnie Vincent
Paul Stanley
(leather jacket)
Paul Stanley
(another leather jacket)
Me wearing my Ace T-shirt

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Thanks to Marco Uccellini (Giorgio's son) for supplying me with the pictures.



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