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Rather than having a comprehensive list of KISS sites, I've decided to start with only those that I visit most often. If you want your site added just send an E-mail with the URL and a short description to links@kissinuk.com

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UK Based Site = UK based site

KISS Expo 2005 UK Based Site - NEW! - All the info you need for the UK KISS expos
SSIKWorld UK Based Site Features a KISS gallery, trade page and more.
Martin Wombwell's Homepage UK Based Site Includes Martin's own brand new KISS screensaver and some guitar stuff.Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Love Guns UK Based Site - Excellent reference site to KISS and Casablanca records
29th Squadron - KISS WING UK Based Site Another cool place to go for UK KISS fans!
Martin Curtis' KISS Korner UK Based Site An upcoming cool site for UK KISS fans. Contains the first UK Psycho Circus review to hit the net!
Welcome To My Mind UK Based Site Martin Unsworth trades in KISS audios and videos (including a good Wembley '99 video!).
ToalTech UK Based Site - This new UK site includes a KISS page
KISS Collectibles UK Based Site - Online merchandise centre for KISS collectibles
Classic Rock Live And Rare Recordings UK Based Site - UK based CD & tape trading site
deniro.co.uk  UK Based Site - Cameron Vallance's personal site with some cool Ace pics!
DMCCollectableWebPage  UK Based Site - Stock KISS trading cards, binders and chase sets
The KISS Archives  UK Based Site - Jon Hindley's new trading site
Dressed To Kill site  UK Based Site - NEW! - Unoffical site dedicated to Dressed To Kill
UK Based KISS Retailers

Also see the Online KISS Shop and the KISS Gear page

Esprit UK Based Site UK based online retailer that sells a lot of cool KISS items (including the official 1999 Calendar, rare records and a hell of a lot more).
Audiostreet UK Based Site Another great online CD shop. Psycho Circus Tour Edition took only 3 days to arrive when I ordered it, great service.
Tracks UK Based Site Mail them for their great KISS merchandise catalogue.
X-records UK Based Site More great KISS merchandise direct from the UK!

Official KISS Related Sites
KISS Online - The official site, the free part of the site is growing all the time.
Gene Simmons.com - Gene's official home on the web, great site with Gene himself writing the news and answering letters
Paul Stanley - Official Site
Peter Criss - The Official Website
Eric Singer Official Site

Bruce Kulick - Official Site
Tommy Thayer - Official Site

Large KISS sites
KISS Asylum - One of the greatest KISS sites ever, they don't get much better than this.
KISS Freaks
- Brilliant site full of interesting KISS stuff that you wont find anywhere else
KISS Fan Shop - Multilingual KISS news with merchandise too
KISS Links Sites
The KISS Links Portal - NEW! - The first KISS Portal!
The Better KISS Links Around The Web

KISS Links
Worldwide KISS sites
Kats Eyes Products - NEW! - KISS Sales and News Centre
Greek KISS Army - Home of the Greek KISS Army
Parasite Online
- Fantastic looking US KISS tribute band
KISS Psycho - Largest Brazilian KISS site (Portuguese)
The New KISS Midi Emporium  
Fried Alive

KISS Kollector Fanzine - Brand new site for the great Euro fanzine.
Dezo's KISS Page
KISS Kastle - A new upcoming KISS site, contains some great multimedia.
The Rockheads - Official site for Eric Carr's cartoon characters.
KISSBRET's KISS 4-LIFE-redesigned
KISSin Time
Seventies KISS Tribute Website - A great site that has loads of info on the 70's KISS including tour dates, pictures and some excellent fan artwork.
Rolling Stone Network KISS page
KISS Rocks
KISS Image Gallery
Hotter Than Hell Worship Website - The Unofficial Hotter than Hell Worship Website & Online Fan Club!
Hope's Paul Stanley Page
KISSweb Italia - Kiss News 24 Hr Al giorno in ITALIANO!
KISS' Entry in The Rough Guide To Rock
The KISS Circus
Klassic KISS Pictures - Pictures from '73 - '78 
Backstage KISS Photos & Links
KISS Fever Online - Argentinean based site
KISShome - History, Gallery, Discography and more
KISS Rockband Fan-page
KISS Animalize
Ace & Rae's KISS Command Center
The KISSArmy Online Family
Last Legg KISS Graphics  
KISS Army Sweden
10 Second High The site that lived at  kissonline.com before the official one
KISS Network Holland
KISS Latinoamerica
- Completely KISS, Completely in Spanish
Sweet Pain - Dutch tribute - no make up, just the good old tunes!
Adam & Brad's KISS Site - kiss, past and present
KISS Army Austria - KISS news in Austrian
KISSarmy.Org International
KISSClub.Org - German & English editions
KISS Planet  - The hottest site on the net, about the hottest band in the world - KISS!
KISS Fantasy World - Chatroom, Fantasy Page and more
Flaming Youth KISS Collectibles - KISS-stuff for trade or sell and a small but nice collection of rare photos
Radioactive - The Australian KISS Fanclub
KISS Life Kollector - Exchange of Media, Videos and Audio. Art Works and Web Design to Kiss Pages.
Karen's KISS Page - A place for Karen to show off her cool KISS artwork!
KISS Forever - Offers free membership, free email account, Members only features and more!
beth-lehem - A new site dedicated to Peter Criss - opens 1st Feb 2001
The Ace Artist's Gallery - NEW! - Fantastic artwork of both Ace & KISS available to view or buy, brilliant stuff!
Mr T's KISS Site - NEW! - Norwegian site focusing on interviews and pictures
Cher Dedication UK Based Site - Run by my fiancee, includes some Gene info.
Marilyn Lives Society UK Based Site - UK based Marilyn Monroe fanclub
Internet Film & Movie Database UK Based Site
Musicshop UK Based Site
Videoshop UK Based Site
Yahoo UK Based Site
RockLink Midis
Pure Fantasy Football UK Based Site
The Rockers Return UK Based Site - NEW! - A bulletin board based news and reviews site based around the old view from the bar column from Kerrang
Let Love Rule
- Lenny Kravitz site based in Sweden
The Virtual Music Vault - Music Portals and much more!
Silent Rain
- Marco from the band provided this site with some cool KISS pictures last year
Police Force -UK Police tribute band
Blondie Goes To Hollywood
- UK Blondie Tribute band

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