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Last year sometime I read that KISS were releasing some new merchandise that lets you watch moving images of the band on a picture. I guessed was probably something like the cover of Psycho Circus, but then I heard that you could see the 4 morphing solo faces (the animation Ace done that was shown on the reunion tour)..... on a keyring! Okay, being a sucker for KISS merchandise I had to get hold of some of these to see what they were like especially as they were made in the UK which is unusual for KISS stuff nowadays.

When they arrived I have to admit I wasn't expecting much.... but I was wrong, these are one of the coolest things that KISS have given their name to recently. The keyring morphs from Gene-Paul-Ace-Peter and back to Gene with a flashing logo at the top and the guys signatures down the bottom, hold it to the light and it looks well cool. I also got a Gene Simmons collectors card that has Gene breathing fire and playing bass, if you get a chance to see these in action then make sure you have a look, they're unbelievable.

They work kind of similar to the lenticular cover of Psycho Circus, except this is a brand new technology that can hold up to 150 frames of video on a single card! This gives a really smooth and clear image, which to be honest is a bit freaky the first time you see it move, especially on the Gene card, completely original and over the top - perfect for KISS!

So far you can get hold of the following:-

Collectors Cards (come with plastic rockers)

Gene Simmons - this is the one I have, he rocks like at the end of Deuce, breaths fire and sticks out his pink appendage

Paul Stanley (moving on his pully to the Love Gun stage & playing solo guitar on Black Diamond)

Ace Frehley (smokin' guitar from his solo and his Rock & Roll All Nite Catherine wheel)

Peter Criss (plays drums and twirls drum sticks)
Key Rings

Morphing solo album faces (based on Ace's own animation)

Gene Simmons (wiggles his tongue)

Tour Card Framed Pictures

Tour Card -with moving live pictures of all 4 members from the Psycho Circus tour. Paul smashes his guitar, Ace spins his arm, Gene sticks out tongue (bit of a pattern here!) and Peter plays drums.

(available in 2 sizes) 2 static pictures of the band surrounded by animated flames, 4 KISS icons and the flashing KISS logo. I believe this is also available framed & signed but it costs quite a bit extra.


Ordering Details
You can order any of the KISS Kinetik Art products direct from the UK via their website http://www.kiss.dynamic-imaging.co.uk or from various other places such as the Tracks UK catalogue, or David Snowden's site at http://www.kissshop.com


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