Farewell Tour Reports - Perth, Australia 29/3/2001
Report by Paul Bogdanich

Hi folks,

Went to the show last night and to sum it up in one word ...it was AWESOME

We were in the second row centre in front of Paul, Sorry I haven't got a set
list for you guys but I was too pumped to keep tabs. Basically I think it
was the same set list as for the Japanese shows (you'll find the lists on
the news posts on kissonline.com) with Ace playing Talk to me. He played
really well. At one stage when he does the solo with the smoking guitar and
then sends the guitar flying. He had a heap of trouble trying to get the
head of the guitar through the loop. The rope kept swinging and he kept
missing it, it was quite funny. When he did get it in, he just looked at the
crowd and shook his head and smiled.

Paul did a great version of Shandi just him playing guitar and the crowd
went wild. He did the same thing here in Perth last time around. He did the
flying thing out to the centre stage during Love Gun. At one stage he fired
3 t-shirts into crowd with his portable air canon. Christ ... they went for
miles !!

As far as the peter vs Eric thing goes, I'm a great Peter fan so don't get
me wrong, but Eric it such a solid drummer compared to Peter it really made
the show. He sounded great. He did a mini solo i suppose you could call it
with his drumsticks on fire, spinning them around and playing. It looked

Gene did all the usual blood, fire, flying. The only thing was when Gene
flew up to the platform at the top of the stage he was directly over us so
we couldn't see him at all.

When they played Rock n Roll all Night it rained literally tons of confetti
for the entire song. Between the confetti, the lighting, the music it was a
great moment but it was sad knowing it was the last song and show had to
come to an end

All in all I think it was the best tour they'd done here in Perth.

Rock on KISS !!!


Thanks to Paul for the report


E. Rutherford


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