Dressed To Kill
Stourbridge Rock Cafe 25/5/2001
Report by Becky McMahon

I just got home.
I'm burning hot, sweaty, and I'm still wearing full Ace Frehley make up. Theres a buzz in my ears too.

But then, what do you expect after a full blown DRESSED TO KILL gig?

I walked into the ROCK CAFE 2000 around 9:30pm, and all I got were stares...but I didn't mind wearing my Ace costume.

Me and my friend joined the gathering of KISS fans around the stage, waiting. Ten pm came and they weren't on stage yet....stamping my foot I turned round, and found myself looking at Ashley Brookes as he walked onto the stage, shortly followed by Dave, Richard and Gary.

One 'You wanted the best...etc..', a few pyrotechnic explosions (which sent my friend flying over a chair in surprise...shes ok tho) and we were off.

The lights were amazing, the music was brilliant and the guys were inexplicable. Great hits like 'Detroit Rock City', 'Shock Me', 'God of Thunder', 'I Was Made for loving you' plus many more sent the crowd into a frenzy. And when they played 'All American Man', that has never been played live by the real Kiss, it seemed as though it couldn't get better.

I could not believe the patience and friendliness of the guys as they got confusing shouts from the crowd and even a stage diver thrown at them.

Complete with fire-breathing, Aces smoking solo and Peter Criss banging his drum, my night couldn't have been more great.

I desperately wanted a guitar pic, as I collect small reminders at time like this, so yelling after Dave (Ace), I asked. And he very kindly gave one.

They came off stage and began to mingle, and I managed to get a few words in, and a couple of comments about my costume. I mentioned to Dave about this reveiw, and he said 'Make it a good one'.

But really, words cannot explain how these guys are like the real thing, if not BETTER. You have to see them live to experience it.

So now, I am off to bed, with that irritating buzz in my ears, and echoes of 'Rock n Roll all Nite'...


But like all good things, it soon came to an end.


Thanks to Becky for the report


E. Rutherford


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