It's pretty rare for KISS to appear on the covers of UK magazines, here a selection of some of the best ones along with a few other articles. I'll be updating this soon with a big archive section of magazines from the 80's.


Mojo (March 2002)

This issue of Mojo  features Gene Simmons on the cover alongside a fair few other artists, I now have a couple of pictures from the mag. The article is called '100 Hipsters and legends, icons and visionaries, movers and shakers' and asks 100 of Mojo's favourite artists to name their heroes and the effect they've had on their life. Gene lists Superman as his hero, saying that it was him that made Gene realise that scaling heights was possible even if you are different to everyone else.

Gene is features alongside the likes of Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Alice Cooper, Diana Ross, Pete Townsend, Lemmy, Cher and Mick Jagger.

There is also a classic quote from Ace (with a small pic) on page 13, it's about Gene calling him a moron during some promo for Gene's book:- "Everybody knows I'm a fuck-up. Oh well, good luck with the book"!!!

Classic Rock (Nov 2000)

The new edition of Classic Rock is in the shops now, it features 28 pages of KISS including reviews of all their albums! Unfortunately the interview is only with Gene & Paul, but even still you have you to buy this! There's also a review of almost every KISS album along with comments from Gene, an article on comics and another on the merchandise. All eras of KISS are covered from the 70's right through to the present day. Not a lot of new stuff is mentioned in the interview but Gene does hint that a tour of Europe isn't totally out of the question, they're just not ready to tour at the minute.

I remember when Classic Rock first started one of the contributors told me to look out for a KISS issue, I didn't think it was take this long but nice one guys!!

Incite (Feb 2000)

The February issue of Incite magazine has a cool pic of Gene on the front cover, a 10 page cover story, a competition to win every official album on CD,a video of the forthcoming game on the covermount AND a good look at the forthcoming game, with some decent screen shots. <<Click Here for full details!>>

Kerrang! (March 1999)

In March Kerrang! released a special KISS issue with 4 different covers! Apart from the very cool covers, there is a 5 page article inside that includes interviews with Gene & Paul taken during the Psycho Circus tour in Sweden. There's also a few quotes from other musicians that are influenced by KISS along with some cool pictures. <<Click here for more info on the Kerrang! specials>>

Gene Paul
Ace Peter

playboy2.jpg (16154 bytes)Playboy (March 1999 - 3.50)

The Playboy KISS special was released over here on the 18th Feb 1999. There's a 12 page article of the band complete with several models dressed up in KISS make-up (and little else). The actual article isn't too hot but there's a small section on collectibles and a few other KISS bits & bobs scattered through the mag. This one's well worth getting hold of for any KISS collector.

kissmag10.jpg (19620 bytes)Guitar World (October 1998 - 2.95)

This issue of Guitar World features Gene Simmons on the cover and a great interview with Paul, Gene & Ace inside. There's lots of talk about the new Psycho Circus album and even talk of KISS Cola! There's also a few cool KISS related adverts inside, including one for the 24 inch dolls that are a bargain at only $149.99!!! The magazine hit the shops a few weeks ago so you'll have to hurry if you want a copy.

kissmag11.jpg (17528 bytes)Raygun (October 1998 - 2.50)

KISS are featured in the October issue of Raygun magazine available now in Virgin Megastores (2.50). It contains a really good interview about Psycho Circus and other stuff including some stories about what Ace used to get up to in hotel rooms (eg using a chainsaw to make a hole in a wall so he could pass drinks to Peter!!). There's also some great pictures and a poster too.

Marshall Law (Winter 1997)

Okay so this isn't exactly new, in fact it's from late 1997 but it's still a pretty cool article that not many people have seen before. It came from 'Marshall Law' - Marshalls UK & US trade magazine, I was lucky enough to pick one up (for free!) recently at a local guitar shop. The download is split into 2 halves, both of which are about 250K so it might take some time to download.

<<Click here to download page 1 (260k)>>
<<Click here to download page 2 (240k)>>

Birmingham Evening Mail (20th November 1996)

This was only sold outside the NEC after the KISS concert had finished. It was an ordinary copy of the Evening Mail with a KISS wrap-around cover. There's also a full colour picture on the back cover (the 'Second Coming' picture), and two pig b&w pictures on the inside covers (one of them if with Bruce & Eric Carr). Considering they were only 28p they were well worth buying for collectors.

Click on the newspaper for a bigger image.

Bassist (March 1997 - 2.50). Yet another Future publishing magazine with KISS on the cover (see Guitarist & Rhythm below). It wasn't that long ago that Gene was last on the cover of this magazine (but it was Gene-with-a-beard from the real KISS line-up). The article is pretty cool with some good pics (including some of Gene's old bass'), and Gene gets a chance to 'clarify' his opinion about women in rock that caused a stir in the last interview.

Guitarist (February 1997 - 3.99) - Wow! This is the first time that KISS have appeared on the cover of Guitarist, and wait for it... they're also on the cover cd!! The new live version of 'Shout it out loud' is the main track and in my opinion they couldn't have picked a better song from Greatest KISS. The article is a fairly cool interview with Ace & Paul, with shots from the live performance at Wembley. last year. Buy this magazine now!!!

Rhythm (February 1997 - 2.50). Wait a minute, this can't be true, three magazines with KISS on the cover sitting next to each other in WH Smith?? It looks like Future Publishing are going KISS crazy at the minute with Guitarist, Bassist and Rhythm all out at the same time. Once again the interview in this one is very cool (although slightly negative at times), it's got a few cool shots of Peter (just check out that cover!) and even a pic of Eric Carr. At least the guy that wrote this one knows what he's talking about as both Eric Carr and Eric Singer are mentioned unlike various other mags who seem to forget about the 80's and early 90's. Once again - buy this!!

Stax (September 1996 issue - 1.75) - Poster magazine with a big pic of Gene in make-up on the cover. There is a small pre-Donington article and a small poster taken from 'KISS meets the Phantom'. Although the content of this magazine isn't worth shouting about it's still worth buying just for the cover.

Brum Beat (June 1994)

This one took me by surprise back in 1994, KISS on the cover of a local Birmingham music magazine. There is a one page interview with Paul Stanley inside that talks about the 'KISS My Ass' tribute album. Paul also comments on not having won any major awards, he says "There's been 22 years of awards, if you want to go and see them go to the Virgin Megastore or Tower Records, there's a whole section under K. Our awards are successful albums. That's the ultimate award, to have people on the street give you the thumbs up, not some small committee."

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