Goldmine KISS Collectibles - 2nd Edition

[From: Thomas Shannon]
I am very pleased to announce that my publisher Krause Publications has asked me to write an all new second edition of my book “Goldmine KISS Collectibles Price Guide”. The response to the first edition has been phenomenal, with KISS fans worldwide expressing their appreciation for the book.

The second edition will have a more international flavor. Collectors from around the globe have volunteered to contribute photos of unique KISS memorabilia from their area of the world. The price guide section will be increased by several hundred new listings, both new and vintage.

I am extremely happy to report that I have arranged preliminary discussions between my publisher and KISS’ license representative, Signatures Network. All sides are interested at this time in making the book an officially licensed KISS item. While I cannot predict the future, I am personally going to do all that is within my power to make this happen. If the deal is completed, I intend to include a VERY cool KISS collectible in each copy.

I am looking for contributors in the areas of picture sleeve singles, promotional materials, Australian memorabilia and recordings, other non-American recordings, as well as general KISS items. If anyone is interested in being a contributor for the second edition, please contact me at shannonkissbook@hotmail.com 

I can be reached by mail at: Tom Shannon P.O. Box 25056 Lexington, KY. 40524

If you have sent me an email in the past regarding omissions from the first edition, please contact me again. I had a catastrophic computer melt down, and lost all of my emails concerning the book. I especially would like to hear from the person that emailed me about the song Kissin’ Time (I want to give you credit), and the guys in Australia that wanted to be contributors.

The publisher’s inventory of the first edition is nearly gone. If you prefer to purchase a copy on the internet check out a great website www.kissshop.com .Tell them Tom Shannon sent you. If you are interested in obtaining a signed copy with free shipping (In the United States), contact me.

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