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As with the original Kisstory Book from the Kiss printing publishers, Kisstory II comes in a hard backed cover slip case with the customary silver Kisstory logo as with the initial volume one. It is slightly large than the first book by about 5 mm, so I would say the spine is wider, stronger and more flexible. Maybe the reason behind the wider spine is because the first book was dogged by pages coming loose at the spine after a few good readings. The book is also a hefty weight with 440 pages of info, pictures and notes.

As you open the book you are greeted with a free two sided PLAYBOY poster that opens up into a seven section mural. The photo on the posters main side is of twenty beautiful and stunning Playboy Babes in sexy rock chick outfits. Out-fits in the sense that, they are hanging out for the world to see. The reverse side has five stills from the photo shoot, four of which are more in the grainer side, and one as sharp in detail as the main side. If you want to see the girls in full frontal poses, then you will have to buy the Playboy issue, as the babes lower regions are covered with KISS logo blackouts.

The book is divided up into different sections or topics. These title pages range in themes from: Clothes, Figures, Glassware, Ceramics, Jackets, Jewellery, Guitar Picks, Magazines, Comics, Puzzles, Games, Phone Cards, Books, and Posters. Below are a few photos of these topic pages from the book to whet your appetite: (L-R) Various Kiss Comics, Posters, Masks, and Books

The book covers other criteria and a few specialist pages. The first few cover the experimental toys, boxes, games, and wallets, etc. These items show what marketing idea's the Kiss company had during the early days of merchandising including, Mini Viewers, Pocket Torches, Throw Hoops and even Kiss Bucks (money). Some of the coolest stuff on offer must be the Kiss Car, Honda Hawk Motorcycle, and the Pinball Machine, to the most unusual items like, Kiss Popsicles, Cereal Breakfasts - Vita bits, Wine, Beanie Babies; To the custom wearable, Watches, Boots, and T-shirts; To the homely, Wall Clocks, Circular Telephones and Fabric Wall Hangings.

The specialist pages cover the Bill Starkey - Kiss Army story, and Ken Sharp a Collectors Confession, to the small sections on the topics of the Bubblegum Cards, and hand written notes by fans and the girls of Kiss. Other wise that is it, the written words are supplied by the few fans scrawls, company notes, and advertisements.

All in all the Kisstory II volume is noting more than a picture book with very little reading. There are pages and pages of photo's to stare at, some of which I must say are fabulous, to the most poor grainy or matted pix's and the graphical drawings of other items early stages.

On the whole I would say that this volume of Kisstory would be only for the die hard fans and complete-ist alike. At a 100 from Amazon.com it is a bit much for any ordinary or casual fans to part cash with. For the Kiss freaks out there it is a must buy item, just to own a volume is a sign of true Kiss fanatical-ism alone.


18th August 2002



Thanks to John for the review & pictures

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