KISS Expo 2004 - DVD

If you missed out on the expo this year then fear not, someone has just released a DVD of it for only six quid!

The DVD is available in 2 versions - both contain some live footage of Bruce with Dressed To Kill and the Bruce interview, however one also contains some extras. The disc with extras (which doesn't cost any extra), contains the following:-

KISS Expo (13 mins) - a quick look at some of the retailers at the expo followed by the The best make-up and best tattoo competition hosted by Iain Lee. (only on 'Extras' disc)

Bruce Q&A (38 minutes) - This is one of the best parts of the disc, a great Q&A with Bruce, well recommend if you were either not at the expo, or too pissed to remember what he said. During the Q&A Bruce talks about the following subjects:-

  • Getting shot in LA last year
  • Touring with Grand Funk
  • A new Union DVD that has been completed
  • A possible Union tour in Europe / UK
  • Being asked to appear on Paul Stanleys new solo album
  • Would he play in the last KISS show if asked? (answer was 'yes of course I would')
  • Being asked to leave KISS
  • Gene's cover of Firestarter and playing on 2 tracks on Gene's CD
  • Touring with Eric Carr
  • Plus the question asked every year:- "Is Paul Gay" (for those interested Bruce's answer was "no"!).

Live footage (26 mins) - this is the last part of the DVD and starts off with Dressed To Kill's opening song - Psycho Circus (only on 'Extras' disc). Followed by the 4 songs that Bruce appeared on:- Heaven's on fire, Tears are falling, Hide your heart and Lick it up. Considering there was no rehearsal this was excellent, you really had to be there to appreciate it fully tho'. Incidentally, the rest of DTK's show is not on the disc.

Overall this is well worth getting, especially if you missed out on the expo. Quality wise it is as good as to be expected, but it's probably the only Expo DVD you'll be able to find! The sound is pretty good throughout and although the camera is a little shaky image quality is good. There are some nice wide-angled shots during the live sections. 

Available for 6 from http://www.kissexpo.co.uk/ 



Thanks to Nige for the review copy.

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