KISS Expo 2005 - DVD

As per last year, the 2005 UK KISS Expo DVD is now documented on DVD thanks to Nige from kissexpo.co.uk.

This year the DVD is presented very nicely with a cool new menu and some nice packaging including printing on the DVD itself. The thing you can here rattling around the case is also worth mentioning - this year you get a free KISS Expo plectrum worth 3 quid (don't let Gene see the logo Nige!!!).

Okay, so what about the DVD itself, like I mentioned the menu has been nicely tarted up this year - there's 4 main options:

Adam Bomb
Adams set list includes Detroit Rock City & Firehouse.

Sack Trick
This has to be one of the weirdest KISS covers ever, they cover 3 songs - Deuce, Love Gun and War Machine. The reggae version of Love Gun is really cool, check out their bagpipe solo!

Dressed To Kill
This includes the full set played by Dressed To Kill, which was of course fantastic as usual (complete with new Ace & Peter from HTH). Eric also gets on stage to play a few songs including Do You Love Me, Parasite and Deuce

Eric Singer Q&A
30-odd minutes of questions with Eric Singer, and like last year with the brilliant man himself - Iain Lee. Eric answers questions from the audience including why he missed Pauls wedding, his worst KISS cd (check out his T-shirt for the answer) and playing on Unplugged, plus a whole lot more.

Overall this is well worth getting, especially if (like me) you missed out on the expo. Throughout the DVD a tripod has been used for filming no shaking or anything and a full stage view throughout. There's very little zooming or panning though, and the sound gets a little distorted but nothing major. Also, I have to point out is that I had trouble getting it to work in my Sony player, not entirely sure why, maybe the disk was dirty or something (it did work eventually).

If you are interested in seeing what goes on at a UK KISS expo then this is definitely worth getting!

Available for 8 (inc P&P) from http://www.kissexpo.co.uk/ 



Thanks to Nige for the review copy.

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