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nme0499.jpg (18881 bytes)31/3/99 KISS in NME

This weeks issue of NME magazine features a one page interview with Gene Simmons. The interview was taken backstage at one of the Swedish shows and for once NME don't have anything bad to say about the band, although strangely they don't have a Wembley review. They do however have the following picture taken from the after show party at Wembley, it's of two of the playboy models with somebody from the Stereophonics.

wembleygirlss.jpg (6668 bytes)This weeks Melody Maker also features a Wembley review, although it's not even worth reading - anyone that thinks Paul Stanley taking off his shirt was 'unwise for a man of his girth' obviously wasn't at the same concert as the rest of us - Paul was in great shape!

Cool new Wembley pictures

Braveheart has sent me the following photos (they're also on the pictures page) - they're are some of the best Wembley pics that I've seen yet. Please note that the pictures are copyright of Braveheart and shouldn't be used without his permission.
<<Click here to see Paul at Wembley>>
<<Click here to see Ace at wembley>>

Also, Graham Bryce has sent in this cool shot of Paul during 'Love Gun':-
<<Click Here to see the Love Gun pic>>

Celebs at Wembley

Alex 'Wolf' Wargacki has E-mailed me about Wembley. Alex was sitting in the VIP section to the right of the stage (lucky bugger!), along with 'stars' such as Craig "Henry from Neighbours" McLachlan and none other than Jamie Theakston (yes, the guy previously known for slagging off KISS)!! Alex was also at the soundcheck, and he has said that all 4 of the guys were there (not just Paul & Peter like I previously said).

29/3/99 Wembley Soundcheck + more reviews & pics!

Marco has E-mailed me to say that he managed to get to the after show party that was held later on in the Arenas restaurant. Both Paul & Gene were there along with the playboy girls, some acrobat acts and lots of free beer & food! Hopefully I'll be getting some photo's of this soon...

I now have a couple more Wembley Reviews up on the concerts page, there are a few more on their way too (along with some more photos that I should have very soon). It's good to see what other people thought of the gig.

Last but not least, Stephen B has sent me in his collection of Wembley photos. You'll find all of them on the Wembley section of the pictures page

Ginger's Codpiece

Did anybody else catch TFI Friday the day after Wembley? As you probably know by now this was the show that Gene was due to appear on - until it fell through that is (if you haven't heard the story, Gene wanted to go on the show with a picture of Robbie Williams on his codpiece!). Amabel Thornton E-mailed me this, and I have to admit that was thinking the same thing when I seen it, who knows though it may just be a bad coincidence...

"Right at the start of the show Chris Evans announced that they were going to hold the "101st Annual People Who Were on the Show Awards", and that he would be wearing a colourful codpiece whilst presenting each of the awards. I may just be being paranoid, but this seems to have been some sort of message to KISS, along the lines of "Up yours KISS! You aren't on the show because of your ideas about codpieces". So there we go. KISS may have inadvertently got a mention on British TV after all, even if it was rather snide and childish."

27/3/99 More Wembley Pics

There's a few new pics from Wembley added to the Wembley review (including Peter's flying drums & Gene flying) and some more on the Wembley section of the pictures page (including a couple sent to me by Phil Jocelyn). More reviews have been coming in and will be up on the site soon.

Also check out Phil Jocelyn's KISStory to see him dressed up for the Wembley gig!

Talking of pictures, did anyone else pick up one of those cool KISS mosaic posters by Spiro Papadatos at the gig? Basically it's a poster of all 4 KISS faces, but when you get up close it's made up of thousands of tiny KISS pictures! I've never seen a KISS picture like this before, well worth getting hold of.

ClownWhiteClown White Issue 1

Deno from ClownWhite has sent in this message:-

"If you attended the KISS concert at Wembley, CLOWNWHITE would like to know what you thought. E-mail your comments and your name to and we'll include them in the magazine (out late April)."
Here's a sneak preview of the cover, click on it to see a bigger version.

26/3/99 Wembley!

Bloody hell, what a show! I can hardly hear today and my heads still sore but that was one hell of a good night! I've written my review and put some exclusive photo's onto it, if you want to give your opinions then send me a review and I'll gladly publish it on the site, it'll be great to read what others thought. There's some pictures on the site as I managed to smuggle a disposable camera in through security (god knows how, the guy doing the body search somehow skipped that pocket!). I got  most of my photos today, however, the power of KISS managed to break the photo machine in Boots, so I won't be getting the rest of my pics until tomorrow!
<<Click here to read my Wembley review>>

KISS Online

I'm pleased to announce that KISSin' UK is now the UK corespondent for the official KISS site (KISS Online). So what does this mean then? Well for starters we're not actually becoming part of the site so KISSin' UK is staying here (and always will), but I will be passing news to Mike and I'll be covering various events should any take place. I'll let you know more when I find out exactly what's going on. Special thanks to Mike Brandvold and Julian Gill for giving me this opportunity!

24/3/99 Kerrang!

Got you copies of Kerrang! yet?? I got mine in the post today (even though the guy on their order line told me there was no chance they'd arrive before the show!), apart from the very cool covers, there is a 5 page article inside that includes interviews with Gene & Paul taken a couple of weeks ago in Sweden. There's also a few quotes from other musicians that are influenced by KISS along with some cool pictures. Okay so there's no ground-breaking news but it is still a very cool interview and well worth splashing out the 6 quid for all 4 editions.
<<Click here for more info on the Kerrang! specials>>

No 'Girls in Make-Up' promo at Wembley

The ClownWhite promo mentioned yesterday has been cancelled. At the minute it is unknown why Deno has been told that he can't run the event inside the arena (I mean for god sake, they could've at least have given him more than 1 days notice!!). "We will not be able to distribute the flyer inside Wembley Arena. We will therefore be cancelling the promotion. However, I now have 10,000 flyers - we'll be outside the venue distributing these to the fans." Make sure you pick one up on your way to the Arena, this isn't going to me a magazine you'll want to miss!

Radio 5

Martin Curtis has told me that the KISS Roswell gig was mentioned today on BBC Radio 5 on entertainment news. Also on the same article was some stuff about Paul Stanley being selected to star in the Canadian version of Phantom of the Opera.

One last thing....

Oh yeah, nearly forgot HAVE A KICK ASS TIME AT THE SHOW!!!! Hope to see lots of you there - I'll probably be wearing my Paul Stanley jacket and Gene (or Ace) air-brushed shirt - the ones on the KISSin' UK logo (yeah right, like there wont be anyone else wearing KISS T-shirts!!). We'll be going for a drink in the Arena before the show so hope to see you there!! Review & pics on Friday.....

23/3/99 30,000 KISSes!

What a cool way to start the week, Cosmic Clix Winner!KISSin' UK has just had it's 30,000 visitor! Thanks to everyone that visits the site, especially all of you that regularly keep in touch and those who help me out (and those of you who think I'm mad for spending so much time on this for free!). And just to top it off we've just won another award! The guys at Musicosm have given me a Cosmic Clix Award, of which I'm very grateful. Thanks again to everyone and hope to see you all at Wembley!!

22/3/99 More on CLOWNWHITEClownWhite

Deno Tofalos from forthcoming CLOWNWHITE magazine (see yesterdays article below) has sent me some more info on the magazine along with a copy of the flyer that will be available at Wembley (I've also seen a sneak preview of the layout and it's looking great!). Click on the image to see a larger version.

"The magazines coming along nicely - we'll have copies late April. We need to get regular news and pictures from as many people as possible - the more help we get the better. Obviously it's a magazine so any pics need to be either sent in or scanned at a high enough resolution for magazine quality. The team working on the magazine are all professionals so it should definitely look the part."

By the way, four women dressed in KISS make-up and 'Little Miss KISS' T-shirts will be greeting you with the flyer at the Wembley turnstiles!

Millennium gig?

Thanks to Day Charles for this one: Saturday's Guardian had an article quoting Gene Simmons saying that on the 31st Dec 1999 KISS will be playing a gig at Roswell, Nevada..... and will be beaming the show into space!

"On New Year's Eve the biggest rock group in the world plan to mark the millennium by broadcasting a concert into space from Roswell, Nevada, site of an infamous 'UFO crash' in the 1940s. 'This planet is no longer big enough for us,' their self-effacing frontman Gene Simmons told us from Sweden. 'The aliens needs us'.
'It'll be a free gig,' he tells us. 'There'll be a million people there and we are going to beam it out beyond our solar system in 3D. Why are we doing it? Because we can. That is the Kiss creed.'". Read the full article here (written by a typical non-KISS liking journo) .

21/3/99 New magazine

A new UK KISS magazine is in the works. It's called 'ClownWhite' and is going to be appearing quarterly. Issue1 will contain a report from the Wembley show along with a new KISS comic strip. Loop out for some leaflets and promo at the Wembley show - a 'Girls In Make-up' promotion will be taking place at the show. You can order copies of the magazine by sending a cheque or postal order for 3.50 (made payable to DCT Design) to the address below. Anyone wishing to submit photos, news or stories for inclusion, can do so by posting to:
The Editor,
19 Bembridge Drive,
Bolton, England,
or e-mail

Also this week keep your eyes open for the 4 cover special editions of Kerrang! and a KISS article in NME.

Last minute tickets

James McQuat has written to say that there is a company still selling tickets for Wembley - You can't order online though, you have to call 0870 840 1111 to check availability and book They only had 11 tickets left when James told me though....

There's a few people selling them on the Trade Page too, it might be worth a look if you need a couple extra tickets.

17/3/99 KISS Expo

Chris Hatton from Goin' Blind fanclub has just faxed me info about this years KISS Expo. The expo has been booked at Dudley J.B's on the 29th August (Sunday), tickets will be going on sale in May and will only be available from Chris himself (see the Goin' Blind page for his address). This years tribute band will be Deuce, although I haven't heard of them for a while, I've got one of their videos from a few years back and they are very good, I'll have more info about them soon.

Issue 6 of Goin' Blind will be out sometime next week.

Lack of TV appearances

This may or may not be true, but it has come from a very trusted and reliable source and may help explain the lack of TV appearances....

It concerns KISS' appearance on TFI Friday that  nearly went ahead. Apparently Gene was keen to do some UK TV appearances but on his terms, he wanted to 'shoot' from the hip and lay waste to Brit hero Robbie and a few other cronies who keep bashing Kiss. Gene was throwing around ideas regarding being interviewed while having a picture of Robbie on his crotch during the dialogue! Apparently Ginger didn't want to risk some kind of incident which would create a rift between some of their 'regulars' and TFI Friday if they let Gene have an open forum.

KISS Catalogue

I received a copy of Tracks' KISS catalogue today, in case you didn't know Tracks is a UK based company that specialises in Rock memorabilia (mainly Beatles etc). If you have seen the official KISS merchandise catalogue that comes with the Psycho Circus tour book then you will pretty much know what to expect - Tracks stock almost all the items that are in there plus more.

The catalogue is 16 pages long and contains amogst other stuff T-shirts, KISS Beanies, dolls, Halloween costumes, jewellery, key rings.... They even have a 6 foot cardboard cut-out of Paul Stanley! If you want a copy of their catalogue then phone them on 01257 269726 or E-mail

15/3/99 Kerrang covers - sneak preview

From Andy at Kerrang! :-

In a further update to the special 4 cover edition of the March 24th Issue of Kerrang! here are the 4 covers as they look taken straight from the screens of our art department!!

The pictures are exclusive Kerrang! photos taken on the Swedish leg of their recent tour last Tuesday and Wednesday the 2nd and 3rd of March. I have also included artwork of the advert that will be put into next weeks Kerrang!
<<Click here for more info on the Kerrang! specials>>

Gene Paul
Ace Peter

13/3/1999 Flipside

Jason P. has sent in this about a new UK music mag:-

KISS are in the latest FLIPSIDE music mag, never seen it before, which is hardly surprising as it's only on Issue 2!  It's in the same style as 'Melody Maker' and 'NME', only a little bit smaller. Anyway, it has one full page on KISS. The layout is basic - black background with large KISS logo and the four 'solo' faces below it. The article doesn't reveal anything new, but it's a good introduction to those who know nothing of the band.
<<Click here to read the Flipside article>>

Psycho Circus Tour Edition

The new album complete with a 6 track live cd is now avaliable from the Online KISS Shop for 12.10.

10/3/1999 Possible TV appearance

I've got this from a very reliable music journalist (don't want to get him in trouble!) that the promotional company dealing with the Wembley concert have been hinting at a possible Big Breakfast appearance by Gene....

Girlie band KISS shock (part 3)!Kele Le Roc

Okay then so first we had Natalie from All Saints (with her blue Little Miss KISS T-shirt), then Lindsay from B*witched (who apparently gets the piss ripped out of her for liking KISS). Well check out Kele Le Roc's T-shirt in the pic, it's a pink version of Natalie's. Will the girl bands ever stop coming out of the KISS closet? Next we'll find out that Billie has Gene tattooed on her arse (then again maybe not).


The 24th March edition of NME (same day as Kerrang special) will feature some kind of KISS article, they'll also be reviewing the gig the following week (as will Smash Hits(?)!!!!)....

Phantom Of The Opera

The following story appeared on BBC's Ceefax service today, Paul Stanley is going to be staring in Phantom Of The Opera in Canada!! Apparently he's going to be staring in the show for a 10 week run starting in May:-

The curtain is set to fall on the Toronto production of hit musical Phantom of the Opera.

Hard-up theatre company Livent is expected to announce later this week that the show will close after its 10th anniversary in September.

But the Lloyd-Webber production - to be replaced by the new Broadway show Fosse - will pull in a few more punters before then with guest runs from stars including Paul Stanley of rockers Kiss.

10/3/1999 Kerrang! covers

Kerrang! have an exciting special KISS collectors edition coming on March 24th - four editions of the magazine will be released, each with a different cover, one of each band member!!! Ordering details are available below (from the official press release, thanks to Andy at Kerrang for sending it to me).
<<Click here to read the Kerrang! Press Release>>

Goin' Blind

Chris Hatton has kindly sent me a review copy of his Goin' Blind fanzine. For those of you that don't know Goin' Blind is the only current UK KISS fan club, they were responsible for last years KISS Expo and will be running Expo '99 on 29th August. I've put some details about the club in the Fanzines section.
<<Click here for details of Goin' Blind>>

Don't forget about KISS Psychos though - the latest KISS fanzine (issue 3 will be out soon).


Jeff, a friend of the bassist in Buckcherry (the support band for the Wembley show) has sent me the following info about the band. Jeff is pretty dedicated to KISS - he's flying all the way from Miami for the show!

"If you want more info on Buckcherry check out and follow the link to Buckcherry. Make sure you click on the spinning black thing on the left. That is where all the info is hidden. I saw them here in Florida about two weeks before they left for Europe - they were playing for about 30 people. I know the bass player J.B. from New York where I grew up ( I've seen every KISS show @ Madison Sq Garden Since Destroyer , Third row or Better. Paul handed me the neck during the Asylum Tour!!!!! ) . The guys in Buckcherry are freaking out because they are HUGE Kiss fans . I'll be hooking up with them I arrive. - Jeff"

9/3/1999 Q magazine

The latest issue of Q (near the back) has a small piece about the KISS show (with a pic of Gene). As usual it mentions their age, but it also has a more positive slant than usual (much like the latest issue of Select). It mentions the 3D effects and what have ya, and also gives the show 4 out of 5 stars! Thanks to Martin Wombwell for spotting that one.

6/3/1999 Top 10: Heavy Metal

The Channel 4 program 'Top 10 Heavy Metal' aired tonight, surely KISS would manage to sqeeze in the top 10? Well no, it was all British bands, but if you were quick enough (and provided you didn't blink) you might have seen quick clips of Gene, Paul & Peter.

Selectselect1.jpg (12179 bytes)

April's issue of Select magazine contains the following small article about KISS, and more! It was nice to see a favourable KISS issue for a change - there's also a second bigger article in mag where Gene is asked questions about fame (see link below to read that one).

"Can Kiss get any bigger? oh yes. The Kiss movie is coming out. There are girls in Kiss make-up on the cover of Playboy. We just made a deal with the World Wrestling Federation, and there's going to be the Warriors of Kiss: four wrestlers in make-up, the demon and the starchild and so on, and they're gonna wrestle. The demon guy's gonna have a codpiece with spikes on. The cartoon series is coming in the Fall. Then there's Kisstory: Toys Games And Girls volume II. It's going to be the same size as volume I, almost ten pounds in weight, with a five-foot-plus pull-out poster of over 20 girls, pretty much nude, in Kiss make-up. Oh, and we just gave away the Kiss car: you press the brake cable, it says 'Kiss'. The idea is, you're alive, have fun, What does it all mean? I don't care." Kiss's epochal 3-D tour arrives at Wembley Arena on 25 March and if you don't go, you're a knob. - Select April 99

<<Click here to read the bigger article with Gene>>

3/3/1999 Scandinavian report / Back in November?

Kent Borgqvist has sent this report after seeing 3 of the recent Scandinavian shows:-

"I am back after three sold out shows with Kiss, yesterdays show in Gothenburg was the best. They started with Detroit Rock City, and I hope they will now change the setlist because there had been a lot of complaining by the fans here in Scandinavia. I met Paul outside the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and told him that the fans wanna be surprised. But he didn't seem to understand what I meant, so we told Tommy Thayer that they must change the set list. It seems that they will come back in November after a short us-tour."

3/3/1999 Parasite magazine

Alyson Wallace (a regular contributor to this site) has finished her first issue of the quarterly Parasite magazine. Each issue will deal with different topics and information on the great UK KISS tribute band. Alyson has kindly let me have a copy for downloading on the site, if you're interested in the band I really do recommend reading this!
<<Click here to download issue 1 (in Word format)>>


There's a couple of new cool stories on the KISStories page if you want to send me yours then feel free!

2/3/1999 News from Mercury

I heard the following news from Mercury today:-

1/3/1999 KISS back in autumn?

Kent Borgqvist from Sweden has reported that a Swedish newspaper has an interview with Gene Simmons where he mentions that KISS would be returning to Europe in Autumn to promote 'Detroit Rock City'. This can only be good news as until recently nobody even knew if the film would make it to Europe. Kent has told me that he will let us know if they mention anything at the forthcoming Stockholm gig.

By the way, the title of the new ballad that Paul has written with Diane Warren (for the film) is to be called 'Nothing can keep me from you'.

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