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31/5/99 Phantom Menace

A few people have been asking to see a picture of what Paul looks like now with his new look, well here ya go. This pic originated from The Toronto Sun and is copyright of Veronica Henri. If you haven't yet read the Toronto Sun's Phantom article then Click Here. The KISS Asylum has been running a few cool articles too (which is where I found out about this one!).

Clownwhite in the shops

Clownwhite will be starting to appear in certain record shops from this week. Deno has told me that 2 distributors have taken it on so far - one of them distributes to the major HMV stores (London, Birmingham, Manchester etc) and the other to 300 independent record stores. So if you haven't yet ordered a copy you should be able to pick it up in the shops. A German distributor is also interested so Clownwhite could be spreading across Europe as we speak.

28/5/99 Paul on Open Mike With Mike Bullard

Sean Cowie has kindly let me publish his review of Canada's Mike Bullard show from last week where Paul made an appearance plugging Phantom.
<<Click here to read Phantom report 3>>

26/5/99 First Phantom Of The Opera review!

Michael Anthony from Canada had kindly sent in a great review of Paul's opening night. From the sounds of it, it went really well - there were about 1600 people there, but more are expected when the show officially opens (to the press) on June 1st. There are also some great pictures of Paul from Michael.
<<Click here to read Phantom report 2>>

25/5/99 Paul in Tower Records, Toronto

Here's the first of our forthcoming Phantom Of The Opera reports. This one comes courtesy of BZimmer from Canada and is a report from Tower Records where Paul has just made an appearance. There's some interesting things said about songs used in the next tour....
<<Click here to read Phantom report 1>>

So what's next?

Well what do you make of that then (providing you've just read the report above that is)? KISS may be playing some 80's and 90's songs on their next tour, about time if you ask me. I have to admit, Unholy would make an excellent replacement for God Of Thunder (after the blood spitting and all), but would they pull it off without Bruce? This has sparked rumours flying across the net that the next tour will be without make-up but personally I don't think there's any truth in that one.

23/5/99 Phantom

Only a couple of days before Paul makes an appearance in Phantom, hopefully I'll have a report next week. Paul was on a Canadian chat show last week promoting the show, and wait for this... the hair has been chopped. Apparently he's now sporting a new Killers length hair-do, slicked back for the show!

PC Formatpcformat1.jpg (6268 bytes)

Check out these familiar faces hiding away on the back of this months PC Format magazine. It's a picture from the 'All Music Guide' they're giving away, unfortunately there's not a great deal of KISS on it - small album reviews, 1 picture, brief KISStory but not a lot else.

Custom posters

UK airbrush artist Giorgio (featured on KISSin' UK since almost the beginning) is considering producing some custom KISS posters. This is very much at the early stages, but if you are interested mail me and I'll pass your details Georgio's way.


This is a picture of none other than Leonardo DiCaprio trying to get into a KISS concert undercover! The picture is featured in this weeks Heat magazine, although it was also in girlie mag 'Sugar' last January. Not sure about the wig though Leo...

Message for Andrew

Finally hi to Andrew who spotted me in Peterborough yesterday, if you're reading this then drop me an E-mail - it's nice to see that there are other fans in this neck of the woods after all!

20/5/99 KISSEXPO '99

Chris Hatton from Goin' Blind fan club has faxed me though the advert for this years Expo. It's taking place on Sunday 29th August at JB's in Dudley and as previously mentioned Dressed To Kill will be this years tribute band. Chris has got a whole load of stuff lined up for the night including:-

Click on the advert for more details.

18/5/99 ClownWhite

At last ClownWhite has hit the shelves - this is one of the greatest KISS magazines in the world... and it's British! Check out the ClownWhite page for more details.
<<Click here to read about ClownWhite>>

Bruce Fairbairn found dead

Unfortunately there's some sad news to end on today - Bruce Fairbairn was found dead at his home in Vancouver yesterday of unknown causes. For those that didn't know, Bruce produced the Psycho Circus album for KISS last year and has also worked with many other bands in the past.
<<Click here to read the full story at MTV.COM>>

16/5/99 KISSin' UK Mailing List

Just to let you know that there is now a mailing list set up for talking about UK KISS stuff. Basically anyone who subscribes will be able to send a message that will be sent to everyone else on the list. If you're interested in subscribing then follow the link below. Please join up and Shout it Out Loud!

<<Click here to subscribe to the mailing list>>

Clownwhite out this week!Clown White Issue 1

From: Deno, Clownwhite
ClownWhite Magazine will hit the shelves in the UK next week (2.95). Despite the delay with the premier issue the ball is now rolling... If you've e-mailed regarding subscriptions, fear not - all will be revealed in the first issue! The magazine will be available in selected HMV stores across the country and also in a number of independant record shops too. Apologises if we haven't responded to your e-mail and for the delay with the first issue but it's been hectic here the last few weeks. If you've sent in a cheque the magazine will get to you on Tuesday.

ClownWhite was distributed to the gaming press at 'E3' on Friday, thanks to our friends at Third Law Interactive. These copies were the first ones of the press and means that certain people in the States will have seen the magazine, prior to it's release in England! An interview with the team and images from 'The Nightmare Child' PC game are shown in this issue. This is what Pam Wolford at Third Law had to say about ClownWhite:

"The artwork is've got some sophisticated graphic designers on staff. The layouts are gorgeous and look better than anything I've seen done on KISS!"

15/5/99 Guitar World Acoustic

The latest issue of Guitar World Acoustic (No 30) has an article on the MTV Unplugged sessions. There is a small section about KISS which pretty much praises KISS' performance saying it was 'slick, tight and professional'. It then goes on to explain how Paul & Bruce managed to modify the beginning of Do You Love me to overcome the problems that would have occurred had they tried to play the electric version note for note. The whole article is pretty cool and covers a lot of the other MTV Unplugged performances too.

14/5/99 Desmond Child live chat

From: Beth, Sonicnet
Hello webmaster, I just wanted to let you know about the Desmond Child chat we are sponsoring. As you might know, Desmond is the writer of many of the Kiss songs. "My Way, I've Had Enough, Reason To Live, Bang Bang You, Let's put X In Sex, You Make Me Rock Hard, I Was Made For Loving You, Heaven's On Fire, Hide Your Heart, You Love Me to Hate You, Who Wants to Be Lonely, I'm Alive, Radar For Love, and Uh! All Night." Thanks and enjoy! Sincerely,

Event Info:

Desmond Child Yahoo! Chat
Mon, May 17, 8:00 PM EDT (I guess that's about 1AM in the UK - Paul)

Behind the scenes Desmond Child penned and produced no.1 hits for Aerosmith, Kiss, Bon Jovi and co-wrote Ricky Martin's hit "Livin' La Vida Loca". Find out how to write a hit from the master.

13/5/99 Marshall Law

Okay so this isn't exactly new, in fact it's from late 1997 but it's still a pretty cool article that not many people have seen before. It came from 'Marshall Law' - Marshalls UK & US trade magazine, I was lucky enough to pick one up (for free!) recently at a local guitar shop. The download is split into 2 halves, both of which are about 250K so it might take some time to download.

<<Click here to download page 1 (260k)>>
<<Click here to download page 2 (240k)>>


GOD Games have recently released a few very early screenshots of the models used in the new Psycho Circus game. Pop along to GameSpot to see them and read a cool article with the designers.

Got your KISS Psychos?

Have you ordered a copy of KISS Psychos and not received it yet? While Dave was on holiday (just after the Wembley show) some asshole stole a load of orders from his office. Dave has told me that he thinks 15 went missing in total and some of them are still uncounted for. So if you ordered between March 27th and April 16th and haven't got your copy yet let Dave know asap. Read about KISS Psychos here.


There's a small Gene article in the latest issue of NME, he answers a few questions about his favourite songs and what have ya. Not worth buying for (especially after their recent KISS comments) but nice to see KISS are still making it to the UK mags.

10/5/99 Rumour - Another UK Show?

From: Simon G

When shopping to buy a new guitar on Friday in Cardiff. I asked to try the Paul Stanley signature series Washburn guitar. The bloke who owns the shop came over to make the sale, and we talked about the Wembley gig for a bit and generally about guitarists and guitars. He then told me that he had heard from a contact in America that Kiss are planning to do a one off gig in the UK sometime in August. This might be a pack of lies of course but you never know. Simon G.

9/5/99 Events Calendar

I've just added a new calendar page to the site, you'll find the main link to it on the main menu. Basically it will store any useful KISS related dates that are coming up as well as past events in KISStory. There's not a great lot of stuff on there yet but with your help hopefully it'll become a useful page.

The difference between this calendar and ones on other sites is that you can add dates to it yourself. All you need to do is fill out the form at the bottom of the calendar page and press the save button. If you make a mistake then mail me and I'll change it for you. Dates can be added for one day only or for every year (eg birthdays), please check it out and add any KISS dates that you want!
<<Click here to see the calendar>>


Some people who answered the questionnaire on the main menu have asked for a UK discography section - in case you didn't know there is already one on the UK Releases page (Julian Gill from KISS FAQ III donated it to the site last year).

8/5/99 Parasite Gig

UK KISS tribute Parasite played at Casablanca, Grimsby last night. Martin Clay has kindly sent in a review of the show.
<<Click here to read Martins review>>


The Second Coming petition is well on it's was to getting 1000 people now, if you haven't yet signed it then please add your name to the list!
<<Click here to sign the petition!>>

By the way, did anyone else notice the guy from Kula Shaker wearing a KISS T-shirt on ITV this morning? He had on one of those diamond logo ones, looked pretty cool.

5/5/99 Exclusive Interview

The latest interview is now up on the site. When you were at the Wembley show you may have noticed a familiar face in the crowd - Craig McLachlan (ex Neighbours, BUGS) was there having a great time. Craig has been a big KISS fan for years and has told the site all about it....

<<Click here to read Craigs interview>>

More on KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

The new KISS game that is currently under development is to get it's first preview on May 13th at the E3 show in LA. Not only that but Gene Simmons will be appearing as a special guest too! I've been told that screenshots will be released to the public soon afterwards and I've been promised by the developers that I'll be able to have one available for the site. This is what the Gathering Of Developers had to say about the game on their press release a few days ago:-

"KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is a 3D first-person perspective shooter developed by Third Law Interactive. KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is a demonic world of mystery and horror where the player must battle hideous freaks-of-nature spawned by the conception an unborn evil, the Nightmare Child, whose arrival has perverted the fabric of reality. The player begins as a mere mortal and progressively acquires the powers of The Elder, a supernatural being. The Elder, embodied by 4 alter egos -- the Demon, the Starbearer, the Beast King, and the Celestial (based on the KISS characters) -- together prevent the unraveling the universe. The game is an intense first person shooter where each KISS-character represents a different flavor of game-experience, each having unique game-locations, challenges and powers. KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is utilizing the LithTech engine."

4/5/99 Select

The latest issue of Select has a very small pic of Paul & Ace... but it's only there to have a go at them having 'double chins'. It then goes on to say that since the drummer from Ash has put on weight he'd make a good KISS drummer if Peter ever leaves.


Last Fridays edition of 'Trisha' (repeated Saturday morning) featured UK tribute band Parasite in the audience. The show was called 'Fan or Fanatic' and from what I've heard the guys looked pretty good although the show was crap. Thanks to both Phil Jocelyn and Martin Wombwell for the info.

3/5/99 Wembley after-show party

Marco from Holland has sent in these pictures of Paul from the party that took place after the Wembley gig.

<<Click here to see Paul>>
<<Click here to see Paul & Marco>>

Marco also runs a website for his own band which you can see at

Sugar Ray video

From: Mark Millington
Just wondered if you'd seen the new 'SUGAR RAY' video on 'the box'. It shows a guy playing a pinball machine next to a KISS pinball machine and then there's another guy collecting a pair of roller blades in GENE SIMMONS make-up.(DOES GENE KNOW!!!!) 
Anyway, it's no. 467 on the box.

Second Coming

Thanks to everyone that's signed up so far, last time I looked there were 430 people on it, much more than I thought I'd get (many thanks to KISS Asylum for mentioning it). <<Click here to sign the petition!>>

Big Breakfast

I was told yesterday that a couple of weeks ago on The Big Breakfast they were showing off the latest KISS Psycho Circus dolls. Apparently Johnny Vaughan was having a scrap with the Gene & Peter dolls! If anyone has this on tape, please let me know.

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