Eric Singer interview, Dutch Expo 11/02
Interview & pictures by Philippe Saintes

Eric, how's the European "Dragontown" tour going ?
So far it's been very good. We're halfway through it. I've said before we started that I've the feeling that this tour is gonna do better then the last few years. And it has ! We've a better assistances and it Rocks on stage! We ran through old favourite rites-of-passage anthems along with newer material from "Brutal Planet and "Dragontown,". The crowd is so loud, wild and excited and Alice is in a very good shape. What's amazing is that he's able to transcend this ageless stage persona to new generations.

You've known some great moments in 2002. First when Kiss played "Rock'n'Roll All Nite" during the closing ceremony of the XIX olympic winter games in Salt Lake City. 
Oh Yes of course because it was such an amazing, big world event. Everybody have seen it ! 
Probably more people sought Kiss that day then they sought the band in their all career before this. That's how big it was.

You also played with Brian May and Roger Taylor in Amsterdam. The time of a show you were a member of Queen and the dream came true !
Brian and Roger are two great musicians, singers and songwriters. It was very special for me since I am a huge Queen fan. 
I've worked with Brian may in his solo band in 1998. I also played with Queen last November for a benefit concert in London in honor of the 10th anniversary of Freddy Mercury's death . But obviously the concert we did in Amsterdam was very special because there was so many people there and it was a surprise. The folks did not expect this. 

You played with other famous rock bands or people like Black Sabbath, Gary Moore in the past but your collaboration with The Cult is less known ? 
Well I've worked on some demos for their "Sonic Temple" album. Ian Astbury and Bill Duffy asked me to record the album with them but at the same time I was a member of Badlands. For some contractual reasons I was not able to do the final cut. Eight of the twenty-five demos I've recorded appear on The Cult box set. 

Back to Kiss. Some fans hold it against you for putting Peter's make up on. How does it affect you ?
I think there are more important concerns on earth. I don't care about that kind of attitude. 

The most eager lads like to claim tat you've no integrity because you played with so many different bands. The truth is out there !
Lot of fans don't understand. They think that people can't leaving their band. That's not so easy. It's not like in the three Musketeers "one for all, all for one" ! When I go home next month the tour is stopped which means I'm out of job again. I must find another deal to pay my bill as you pay rent, you've to pay for food or your car and all these things. I'm not different than anyone else. I choose to be a drummer for a living. When one job end I go on to find something else to do. That's the life of being a hired gun. 

Tell us about the song "Rock'n'Roll Radio" you recorded with Paul and Gene for the Ramones tribute album.
I play the drums part, Gene is on bass and Paul did all the guitars. There is also a keyboard player and a saxophone section done by Scott Paige who worked with Pink Floyd.
I don't know when the record comes out. Probably this month but somebody told me the other day that it got postponed. I can't tell you more.

Paul Stanley says last year that you've given the band the drumming the band needed to move forward. The decision to recall Peter Criss must be confusing ? 
Look, Gene and Paul do whatever they choose to do. I have no control over it. It's their band and what can I say ? Sometimes their do things that disappointed not only me but a lot of people. What can justify their decision to recall Peter you've to ask them. 

Do you know if Ace will return in the band for the Kiss symphony ? 
I've met Ace two weeks ago. He told me he was not on board but things can change quickly. I say there is 50% he will perform in Australia. Time will tell. 

The rumours about Kiss reuniting with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer to do a non makeup tour are of course unjustified ?
Yeah ! Meanwhile I don't think Kiss will put the makeup off. It would be too…scary ! 

Do you have some new projects ?
Right now I'm just on tour with Alice. I'm just keeping doing that until the 15th December and then I go home, have a break and see what happens next. I thought that I was back in Kiss but the situation changed in an unexpected way. I don't make big plans. 

You had only just arrived from Stockholm and you made your way to a Kiss convention here in Holland. You signed the autographs for all the fans and played some songs with a cover band. It is supposed to be a day off so where do you find all that energy ? 
Even when I'm tired part of me says go ahead, do your best, do some extra for the fans. I rather do this than be staying home or working in a factory and be unhappy ! I worked regular jobs before when I was younger so I know what is like to do something you don't like for a living. I know what the feels like. When you're tired you've to realize that sometimes you've to give a little effort because it's a blessing to do the job that you've always dreamed. 


Thanks to Philippe for the report and pictures


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