San Diego, 16/10/2003
Review and pictures by Phil WIlliams

Well it took 24 years and 4 months and I got it. Not only did I get to see kiss three times in California, I got meet them and have my photos taken with them in make up. The show in San Diego was best kiss show I've seen since Manchester 1996.Opening with Detroit comin down on the light system then into Deuce, Shout it out loud, Let me go rock'n'roll and one of the highlights of the show to me Lick it up.
Just lookin at 20.000 kiss fans with there hands in the air I thought to my self no wonder I love this band. Next was I love it loud, I want you was just the classic one just like kiss alive 2. God of thunder was just a blast as ever with gene spitting blood and flying.100.000 years and black diamond ends with more fireworks than bonfire night. Encores Beth and the best is yet to come to hear Paul Stanley sing the first part of love gun without the band playing then just kick in was cool. Ending with Rock'n'roll all nite.

I would like to thank the kiss army in California for making me welcome 


Thanks to Phil for the review and pictures.


Unholy Downunder  

E. Rutherford


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